Friday, October 31, 2008

moving and flying

Had lots of unnecessary arguments lately...
argued with someone, for random reasons, twice for two days...
anyway, had my 2nd paper today, and 4 more days to go till i'm free for this year...
exam was rather fine today..
quite easy..
quite fun...
i want to fly now..
flying without wings, with hands...

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

tears of the rainbow

i am just tired...
let me be...
have you ever wondered why the colour of the rainbow only consist of 7 colours??
where is the black??
even after the 7 colours are combined together, you'll get a white...
how i wish that my life will be like a rainbow...
after going through all these, how i wish that i can get a clear blue sky decorated with colours of the rainbow...
7 colours with different happiness...
i do not want things to go down the drain...
i want things to be bright and wonderful...
i want to stop wasting my time...
bright and wonderful

putting it off

now that at least it is over, and well, i am just left out for now and ever... feeling rather off today... just blur on things to do, and are unsure of what decision to make... i want a life without tough decision.. @__@
ignoring me makes me feel better

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

flying all alone

its just amazing to know that someone had a blasted party, and you are just not invited... i know i am no one to say about inviting me there, and i don even deserve to even be on the list... well, at least, HAPPY BIRTHDAY KENN it was your birthday last weekend, and hopefully it was much better than the one you had last year (i'm definitely sure it is) anyway, moving on, college is getting a lil screwed up.. people that i used to know, have fun with, started running away from me, ignoring my presence.. my friend (whom i assumed is) is not my real friend.. lecturers are still the same, with their face looking at you as though no one in this world can get worst that you... i hate being here...i have my thoughts wandering everywhere throughout the day, with little bit of attention left in the class, in the lecture hall.. all i want is left me, my life, and myself... who else can i talk to when i am unhappy and who else can i trust with my secrets in life?? whom shall i joke with, that will have great fun with?? i feel so much strangered from this world.. i feel so far away from people i used to know... my shopping days are left only for myself, and no one else.. my closer friends are the one whom i found when i go to work.. i just do not know what is best for me... i am tired...
people walked in and out of your life, and left no footprint in mine

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Elwin Lee, the 18 years old guy

it has been more or less a year since we last met, and worst, since we last shoke hands and running around the school doing silly stuff... and today, its one of your birthday, 23/10/2009 = you being 18 years old... HAPPY BIRTHDAY my friend, the one who was as crazy as i was, ELWIN LEE

pushing me

being ordinary is being special.. i am special the way i am, so are u...
pushing the limit that has no ending
*specially dedicated to someone i just chatted with*

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

crazy people in crazy place

what the hell is wrong with this world?? i talked with a proper manner to u and u just f*cking scolded me... if i were to know what to fill up there, i wouldn't have to call you up again to ask you... do you think i enjoyed talking to you and listening to your sweet(NOT) voice?! if its not because of CUSTOMER-IS-ALWAYS-RIGHT policy, i would have just scolded you and just freakingly hung up.. i apologized for the things i said but you still kept on freakingly blaming me for it, ARE YOU INSANE??This is Malaysia, please speak proper MALAYSIAN LANGUAGE!! anyway, i had a very good day till i call you for the 1st and 2nd time!
being the customer is not being right

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

touch me not

you ain't gonna come here and mess with my life, you BITCH... first, don't accuse me of doing something that i've never done (or said)! then, i am your friend but i am not the one for you to get away with troubles or even just to keep ur status up high (you're just not that great either!) anyway, you are just a random someone so i will not let the things that you've done (or said!) ruin my day... you are just a hypocrit, bitch! today WAS a good day, and i will make sure it IS and WILL! quite a number of people pontenged class today la, maybe because of the up-coming chem test... i am just so random now and i am feeling a lil off~~
I am beautiful no matter what they say~

Monday, October 20, 2008

weird o

guessing is nothing but an assumption of what you think is true and right... why must some people just show off that they're better than you are? hello, its non of my business if you're the greatest of all... you don have to YESH!! and show ur effing face to everyone, lame! anyway, a big thank you, to yOOu, who reads my blog and catch up with the latest in my life...
watching me growing up

confusing physics

just finished my physics class, and its just so sucky... worst than anything i can imagine.. he gave us some random test and well, it was rather tough, for me, wei yee and some people(or maybe all the ppl in the class) its not actually tough la.. its just a lil confusing and well, i am not well prepared an not prepared for that test... i am not ready for it, and i'm not ready for everything... things are just getting worst day by day... and u know what, some random diploma students, lots of them, currently flooding the CITC and its damn noisy...(idiots) i hate everything!!
staring at me doing my work doesn't help

killing one to replace the other

well, after staying in kl for about a year, finally got to NEWAY karaoke last saturday.. it was ok ok only ler... as usual, i am not really into that kind of crazy singing thing so just sat there and watch them sing... *i'm still having my exam next week* sucky.. ~_~ moving on, i am bored of everything lately... things just got sort of slown down due to the exam nowadays... lesson conducted in class no longer feels like a lesson but its mmore to some random revision.. AND, class is starting to get bored...
putting you in my shoes will make things worst

Friday, October 17, 2008

mostly, everything nice

yippee.... got a phone call early in the morning from mom asking me why didnt i attend some of the GP class during september... ~_~ yea, i admit that i ponteng-ed some of the classes, but u know, sometimes GP is not about attending class but its more about knowing everything and just to gain more general knowledge... i rather gain that knowledge through practical and trainings rather than sitting in the class and watching slides and listening to lecturer talking...i'm not saying that Joana is a bad lecturer or she's boring, (she's not, OK!) but its just a little off when u gain knowledge by just sitting and listeining to someone speaking and telling story... anyway, just now, in the lrt, saw a middle-aged malay lady giving a sit to another unkown middle-aged indian lady... it is just so nice and sweet that one can share a seat with someone else from different background... yes, i know, i was a lil racist before this, but then, well, Malaysia is quite a special place to live in, compared to lots of country with other races living in it... we don't fight nor throw stones or even shoot each other down due to the colour of skin and background... well, Malaysians are friendly (most of them) and not as bad as what i actually thought they were... PROUD TO BE MALAYSIAN ^_^
physical appearance is only an excuse

Thursday, October 16, 2008

snooring away

well, class today was rather.............sleepy its not that class was boring, but its ok la... i am the one who's sleepy... yesterday night went to catch the House Bunny, and well, i should say that the movie is not that bad...the bitchyness are just great but the story line is a lil boring and well, typical... anyway, i slept at 1 and woke up at 7, and now, i am sleepy...haha... believe it or not, for the freakingly first time in my life, SOH was talking to me nicely with that all-so-friendyly-smile that i've never seen from him... haha... then, in econs, avec and a few more heard something which is actually not what they assumed it is... *random* oh ya, had my first paper yesteday morning, math pure, its ok la.. at least i managed to do some (lots) question that i didnt know how to do and well, feel rather satisfied la... *wink* specials things done today : ~ate bittergourd first time in this month ~ate BIG APPLE donut for the very first time (just pure fats + sugar + oil + fats) ~bluetoothed some nice simple plan songs.. ~feeling sleepy in class =..=
smiling in the sleepy eyes

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

torture to torturing

guess what, tomorrow is the first day of exam, which is also the first day of torture *yippee* ~_~ and guess what again, some arguement in the office happened sort of because of my presence here...! damn it... i know, i shouldnt be here but well, i am already here, what u want me to do, *kapush* and spend the whole friging day in IOI mall?? i am broke... i just hate it when it comes to exam and those are the time when my other friends are enjoying and flying all around the world! ~_~ x2 i want my holiday... i want to fly around the world..
a man's meat is another man's delicacy

Monday, October 13, 2008

damn it!!!

damn it!!!!!! just found out that the office people are going to BANGKOK as well as HANOI!!!!! DAMN IT!!!!!!!!!!!! I AM FREAKINGLY *AM TUI*... DAMN IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
not being in the list is being abandoned

pushing it hard

well, has been a few days since i blogged... currently going through my TWO(2) days of study leave... *lame leave* and getting prepared for exam (hopefully i am) its just so sucky when u know exam is coming up real real real soon and you're just sitting there doing nothing much... i did quite a few past year questions but then, well, still don feel that it is enough, although i am lazy.. XD went for sushi king just now and guess what, there was about 7 of us, and we ate abt 60 plates.. haha.. i am turning fat... (RM 2 per plate) i took the picture but i am still a lil blur on the ways to upload picture here... still new.. haha... exam on wednesday = dooms day!
when there's a will there's a way
~i dont have any will~

Friday, October 10, 2008

more of uncertainties

i got so random lately that i have no idea what trend i am in.. haha... well, exam will be starting soon, and so far, its ok la... done a little of revision and so far i am still alive too.. haha... anyway, went for GP today and Joana was talking about parenting and stuff... saw some quotes that i like it very much.. I'd finger-paint more, and point the finger less ( which i hope i will to my friends) I would do less correcting and more connecting I'd take my eyes off my watch, and watch with my eyes I'd stop playing serious and seriously play I'd do more hugging and less tugging
taking advantage of myself for you

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

my real love

if you wanna cry, cry on my shoulders, if you're feeling sad and your heart gets colder, i will show you what real love can do. if the hero never comes to you, if you need someone when you're feeling blue, i will be there for you. i will stay by your side, and i will never hide.

fury but not furious

well, went for a special movie screening, FURY, yesterday evening in pavilion... and guess what, i saw DANIEL LEE...yeap, the one from Malaysian Idol... he was with a girl, wearing a black/brown jacket in pavillion... well, actually i didn't know that it was him, but he stared into my eyes and i was like OMG!!! ITS DANIEL... well, i am not a big fan of him and to be exact, not even a fan of his, but well, he's ok... haha... and he was looking at me.... O.O muahaha.... for you girls outhere that is a big fan of his, XD haha.... anyway, 2 days back, i went back to my hostel, and i saw someone left something on my door, and well, thanks for the lovely food... you don't have to do this... i know its you whom left it there, but please, you don have to... i feel bad when i know that you still do this... i am sorry... :(
being exempted is not being forgotten

Tuesday, October 7, 2008


guess what, my family members will be going to bangkok end of this month, and the best thing is I DON GET TO GO!!! damn it... stupid exam... my cousin will be getting married there with some thai lady and i really want to go and my dad disallow yucky... fine... and u know what, i was offered another trip by my company to Hanoi, and guess what, I DON GET TO GO AGAIN.... really idiotic exam la... only have 4 subjects, 6 papers, and the whole process of examination takes more than a month!!! damn it...
living on air

Monday, October 6, 2008

pushing the limit

i am tired and sick.... throat is dry and i feel as though i am dying soon... help me... anyway, went for my first Haagen Daaz (ignore the spelling) when i was back in Penang last weekend... we ordered rum raisin and tiramisu ice cream... i don taste anything special with it though... its just so much pure and sweeter than the usual ice cream that we have everyday BUT, the effing expensive...RM 20++.... its crazy... anyway, THANKS NELSON!!! then, went to have so heaviest supper that i've ever taken in mylife... so crazy... it was already 1 in the morning and i had satayS, siu maiS and chicken bishop (aka ass).....*eeeu* i put on lots of weight thanks to this trip back home... i made a frozen cheese cake, and mom made lots of traditional kuih... hehe.... love you mom.... anyway, i feel so awkward today... i hate monday.... :(
kicking stones

sweet sour

yes, i still hate the process of getting back to penang as well as coming back to kl... guess what, it took my freaking 11 hours to travel from penang to kl + a lil bit of makan-ing and visiting ipoh and a few other places la... but guess what, hello...ELEVEN HOURS!! i almost died in the car and no one noticed.... =.= and after that torturing 11 HOURS, i will be facing my damn freaking exam in 9 more days... OMG!!! damn torturing la... haihz... so much things to do, so lil time left... why do i have to go through all the crap in life??? anyway, about the sweet things that i went through in penang, it was ok.... well, went to batu ferringi, air itam market with grandma and mom *wink* and also went to some birthday party.... haha... anyway, thanks for fetching me back and bringing me around ya....(u know who u r) XD *heart u* anyway, after the break up that happened more than a year ago, and if we are still together now, it would have been 2 years, you asked me if i still blames you.... well, you really made me question myself... i don't think that i am mad at u or whatsoever la... i am only curious on why you wanted to break up with me... *hugs* ANYWAY, it was the past, and i am living my life now....and so do u... wish u all the best with your lover ya... glad that you are fine now.... AND AND AND i love everyone of you in penang....
living in me

Thursday, October 2, 2008

i am myself

stop questioning me on the same thing over, and over again, please! its so sucky and damn stressful when you just keep on asking me and then u will get the same reply from me... isn't that the same and there're no difference... i hate it!!! i know you guys care about me and my future, but i am as well worried... i don want to think about it as i am also scared.... please, hopefully u guys, would just kindly stop asking me.. i don want to keep on repeating myself over and over again... sorry... i love you guys...

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

life money

being here is like being in the place where no one acan stop me from saying anything, no one would know my post but i care less... i love my life, i love myself... i am so broke for now, and hopefully the bank would have been finished processing my cheque and give me ma money... i need money, i want money...
life was never easy and it will never be