Tuesday, October 28, 2008

flying all alone

its just amazing to know that someone had a blasted party, and you are just not invited... i know i am no one to say about inviting me there, and i don even deserve to even be on the list... well, at least, HAPPY BIRTHDAY KENN it was your birthday last weekend, and hopefully it was much better than the one you had last year (i'm definitely sure it is) anyway, moving on, college is getting a lil screwed up.. people that i used to know, have fun with, started running away from me, ignoring my presence.. my friend (whom i assumed is) is not my real friend.. lecturers are still the same, with their face looking at you as though no one in this world can get worst that you... i hate being here...i have my thoughts wandering everywhere throughout the day, with little bit of attention left in the class, in the lecture hall.. all i want is left me, my life, and myself... who else can i talk to when i am unhappy and who else can i trust with my secrets in life?? whom shall i joke with, that will have great fun with?? i feel so much strangered from this world.. i feel so far away from people i used to know... my shopping days are left only for myself, and no one else.. my closer friends are the one whom i found when i go to work.. i just do not know what is best for me... i am tired...
people walked in and out of your life, and left no footprint in mine

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