Friday, October 17, 2008

mostly, everything nice

yippee.... got a phone call early in the morning from mom asking me why didnt i attend some of the GP class during september... ~_~ yea, i admit that i ponteng-ed some of the classes, but u know, sometimes GP is not about attending class but its more about knowing everything and just to gain more general knowledge... i rather gain that knowledge through practical and trainings rather than sitting in the class and watching slides and listening to lecturer talking...i'm not saying that Joana is a bad lecturer or she's boring, (she's not, OK!) but its just a little off when u gain knowledge by just sitting and listeining to someone speaking and telling story... anyway, just now, in the lrt, saw a middle-aged malay lady giving a sit to another unkown middle-aged indian lady... it is just so nice and sweet that one can share a seat with someone else from different background... yes, i know, i was a lil racist before this, but then, well, Malaysia is quite a special place to live in, compared to lots of country with other races living in it... we don't fight nor throw stones or even shoot each other down due to the colour of skin and background... well, Malaysians are friendly (most of them) and not as bad as what i actually thought they were... PROUD TO BE MALAYSIAN ^_^
physical appearance is only an excuse

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