Thursday, October 16, 2008

snooring away

well, class today was rather.............sleepy its not that class was boring, but its ok la... i am the one who's sleepy... yesterday night went to catch the House Bunny, and well, i should say that the movie is not that bad...the bitchyness are just great but the story line is a lil boring and well, typical... anyway, i slept at 1 and woke up at 7, and now, i am sleepy...haha... believe it or not, for the freakingly first time in my life, SOH was talking to me nicely with that all-so-friendyly-smile that i've never seen from him... haha... then, in econs, avec and a few more heard something which is actually not what they assumed it is... *random* oh ya, had my first paper yesteday morning, math pure, its ok la.. at least i managed to do some (lots) question that i didnt know how to do and well, feel rather satisfied la... *wink* specials things done today : ~ate bittergourd first time in this month ~ate BIG APPLE donut for the very first time (just pure fats + sugar + oil + fats) ~bluetoothed some nice simple plan songs.. ~feeling sleepy in class =..=
smiling in the sleepy eyes

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