Monday, October 6, 2008

sweet sour

yes, i still hate the process of getting back to penang as well as coming back to kl... guess what, it took my freaking 11 hours to travel from penang to kl + a lil bit of makan-ing and visiting ipoh and a few other places la... but guess what, hello...ELEVEN HOURS!! i almost died in the car and no one noticed.... =.= and after that torturing 11 HOURS, i will be facing my damn freaking exam in 9 more days... OMG!!! damn torturing la... haihz... so much things to do, so lil time left... why do i have to go through all the crap in life??? anyway, about the sweet things that i went through in penang, it was ok.... well, went to batu ferringi, air itam market with grandma and mom *wink* and also went to some birthday party.... haha... anyway, thanks for fetching me back and bringing me around ya....(u know who u r) XD *heart u* anyway, after the break up that happened more than a year ago, and if we are still together now, it would have been 2 years, you asked me if i still blames you.... well, you really made me question myself... i don't think that i am mad at u or whatsoever la... i am only curious on why you wanted to break up with me... *hugs* ANYWAY, it was the past, and i am living my life now....and so do u... wish u all the best with your lover ya... glad that you are fine now.... AND AND AND i love everyone of you in penang....
living in me

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