Wednesday, October 8, 2008

fury but not furious

well, went for a special movie screening, FURY, yesterday evening in pavilion... and guess what, i saw DANIEL LEE...yeap, the one from Malaysian Idol... he was with a girl, wearing a black/brown jacket in pavillion... well, actually i didn't know that it was him, but he stared into my eyes and i was like OMG!!! ITS DANIEL... well, i am not a big fan of him and to be exact, not even a fan of his, but well, he's ok... haha... and he was looking at me.... O.O muahaha.... for you girls outhere that is a big fan of his, XD haha.... anyway, 2 days back, i went back to my hostel, and i saw someone left something on my door, and well, thanks for the lovely food... you don't have to do this... i know its you whom left it there, but please, you don have to... i feel bad when i know that you still do this... i am sorry... :(
being exempted is not being forgotten

1 comment:

Cindy said...

me benci dia...duno how to sing

yeah yea saw him the very very last time in MCD remember??
haihz...he very entau meh?? y so many girls siao him???lol