Friday, November 28, 2008

crazy fats

life is about sharing and not living all by yourself... just came back from dinner with ryan... we had steamboat + barbeque + dim sum... my God... it was so crazy and i vomitted twice and i am putting on so much weight that no one can imagine how fat i am now... haihz... =< i am fat!!!!
it has been 3 weeks since you're gone

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Tristan said...

Wasai.. Eating so much till vomiting???? How come? So old ady still vomit. Haiz... Little little boy. Haha.

You are not that fat la. Looking great. Really. Just that little little tummy! You can get rid of it la dear. Haha. It's all up to you. :-) No more LazY LAZY LAZZYYY...!!!! NO MORE! XD

Sorry you know if I said anything that hurt your feelings just now. Just hope that you can see things more clearly. I missed the chance to do the things I wanted to do and I regretted. I don't wish that you go through the same. Beston, you know I always take you as a very good buddy and care a lot of you. You know you can just share anything with me. I'm always here.

Take good care ya. See you soon!