Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Changy™ Bye Bye Moral! says: so ur 1990?
life was never easy and it will never be says: what makes u think i am not?
Changy™ Bye Bye Moral! says: nah u just look kinda young
guess what, this is just the sweetest thing i've ever heard today, other than I MISS YOU, of course... ahha... well, the rain somehow makes me a little moody now.. am sitting in the office, staring at the white pc, and supposed to be working, but.... ahhaa... they're all off... veron, christy, esther, fannie, CK, Sunny... all out of the country, and more or less, no one is going to look at me working... i love my life now (or maybe not?) anyway, who says that cursing is a bad thing?? cursing can be funny at times you know... so, *$#@
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