Friday, November 21, 2008


well, did some silly and shameful stuff just now... was in the train, after exam, to work... at the Pasar Seni station, saw an old men, asking everyone, KELANA JAYA AR??? well, then since no body answered, so i tried to answer la (though i'm not that sure), by pointing to the opposite side... and guess what, my train was supposed to be the one to Kelana Jaya, and not the opposite one... i felt so bad... and even ppl in the train started staring at me... *shy* *@* haihz... sorry uncle... i'm really sorry... other than that, dreamt of grandpa again last night... i donno why, has been dreaming of him lately... didnt really dream about him at the first 7th day without him, but only exactly after that... dreamt that he woke up from death and then telling us that he's very thirsty or something like that... other than that, for the past few nights, has been dreaming of him of him leaving us as well... i just miss you... i wanted to tell mom about it but then i am afraid that it might just got her and grandma into some emo mode... we really miss you ah kong... you just left us in such a short time and so sudden... we're totally unprepared... i regretted not calling back and talked to you... i am sorry... Seems like it was yesterday When I saw your face You told me how proud you were But I walked away If only I knew What I know today I would hold you in my arms I would take the pain away Thank you for all you’ve done Forgive all your mistakes There’s nothing I wouldn’t do To hear your voice again Sometimes I wanna call you But I know you won’t be there I’m sorry for Blaming you For everything I just couldn’t do And I’ve hurt myself By hurting you Some days I feel broke inside But I won’t admit Sometimes I just wanna hide Cause it’s you I miss And it’s so hard to say goodbye When it comes to this Would you tell me I was wrong Would you help me understand Are you lookin’ down upon me Are you proud of who I am There’s nothing I wouldn’t do To have just one more chance To look into your eyes And see you looking back I’m sorry for Blaming you For everything I just couldn’t do And I’ve hurt myself If I had just one more day I would tell you how much that I’ve missed you since you’ve been away It’s dangerous It’s so out of line To try and turn back time I’m sorry forBlaming you For everything I just couldn’t do And I’ve hurt myself By hurting you we really miss you...
never knew till you're gone

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Tristan said...

Someone we love and care leaving us is inevitable. Missing, yes, we all are missing them all the time. Yet, we just have to go on our lives as what he or she wants us to. Live with their love, their expectations. Try your best even though you can't achieve it and it'll do as you have done your best to achieve the most wanted and precious wishes he or she has been wanting all the time. They will understand. They just want us to have a meaningful and happy life after all, don't they? So live happily. Chill