Monday, November 3, 2008


now i look like a vampire from the halloweem... my eyes are red due to my long hair... ~_~ anyway, my halloween turn out to be rather sucky.. just normal... was supposed to go to oblique with kenn and all, but was kinda have to give face to Connie (chihuahua) because its her last day around and have to go for her farewell in SHABU-SHABU and NEWAY... sorry Kenn for not going there although i said i would... i really wanted to go, but i couldnt make it... those people were forcing me (sort of) to go.. i am just sorry kenn... anyway, life was so called limitless, and endless, but lately i just feel as though life is coming to an end... good things are again, sort of leaving me, leaving my life... it feels hard to breath, sick to move... i am just falling apart, failing to keep me in one... mom and dad went to bangkok the other day, now still there, having lots of fun... and i think that my sis is now there joining the fun... i want bangkok... i want fun.. i want endless happy life...
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