Tuesday, November 25, 2008

son or niece??

isn't it obvious that i am jealous?! hello... i am about to turn 18, and you haven't specially cooked any instant noodle or even any special meal other than the 3 basic meals of the day for me... and guess what, you cooked for my cousin?! its like HELLO!!! I AM YOUR SON/CHILDREN AND NOT THAT GIRL!!!! anyway, forget about it... my cousin sister came over and live with us for dono how long she want, and she is already getting on my nerves even though its her first 3 days of stay here... respect comes in 2 way, and when i respect you, i expect you to respect me in return... first of all, i am older than you are, so PLEASE FREAKINGLY SHOW SOME RESPECT!! when i tell you something i expect some proper response from you, and not showing your i-don-care expression to me... you'll regret it when i call you a bitch one day... trust me! i've been back in penang for days and guess what, i haven't went out with my friends yet... none... great ~.~

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