Wednesday, December 31, 2008

eight no more!

finally, the last day for the year... the last day for me to complete and finish all the unfinished business for 2008... still trying to do them, but as usual, laziness got over me, and i'll just sit by and see the day goes by... *great* anyway, received a call yesterday midnight, and was rather surprised to see you calling... it was rather late and you were still awake, looking through the memory we left behind... it was very sweet of you.. well, it has been so long since it happened... *silence*

anyway, for 2009, i would like to - have all the health in the world *eyes rolling* - gain muscles and be sexy and hot and super handsome - get good grades for my studies - have a stable life and relationship - have enough money to spend everyday, every second of my life *wink* - everyone i know to be healthy and happy all the time - have world peace and a world which is a better place to live in *amen* - be a pilot in the future! ~to be continued when remember~ anyway, for you, you, you and you there, i still care about you although i might not reply your sms that often k... you should know me... lazy arse... *grins*


living in the extraordinary

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

blogging is like, something that is a must whenever i get to come online for more than 15 mins...
anyway, i would like to say, I AM DAMN SCARED NOW!!!
my freaking A-level results will be out in like, less than a month, and then, i would be dead, yes, DEAD!!!!!!!!!!
damn it...
during the long holiday, 1 WHOLE FREAKING MONTH, i basically sleep and eat and play and novel, and NO STUDIES...
i am so dead....
2009 is coming...
i need to have a to-do list...
i need to improve on everything, and achieve my dream!!!

never ending winding

Saturday, December 27, 2008

it just goes of

its true, a year since the event, and a year since the words, the promises made... i'm sorry for the harm done, i'm sorry for the mistakes, for bringing bad memories... its not an easy thing to move on, not to live in the past, and as well to be brave enough to face the present and future and the person that used to be in your life in the past... i'm not denying the fact that i still misses you, but i know that there're nothing else that can be done... do have a merry Christmas and a better year ahead.. this year, Christmas was somehow special... it was a blast, danced like no one's business, and for the very first time, i was up on the stage right in front of the dj... it was HOT!!! well, i would as well like to dedicate part of the blog to Calvin, the 19 year old nurse.. *grins* lots of things happened happened lately, and i am still trying to accept the fact... 2008 was a long year... things happened... entered college, grandpa passed away, met someone new, saw people growing up, saw people changing,
waited and waiting

Friday, December 19, 2008

me self

now, as a man, i can proudly say that I AM OFFICIALLY 18!!!!
I can now officially drink and drive (although i could since a year ago, but too bad) and smoke (which i will never do)!!!!!!!!!!
its just that all YIPPEEE thing going on, but then yesterday, my birthday was celebrated...
believe it or not, on my 18th years here, i took 3 cakes...
first was from Kelvin, then from Det Media (the company i'm working for) and then another one at night from Kelvin and friends again...
well, i would like to thank all people out there, who wished me and all my friends out there!!!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

happy myself

yea... its my birthday today... and yeap, i am finally 18, and i am officially given the permission from the government to drink!!! haha... anyway, it was fun... i am 18!!
18 years of virgin

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

its like.... WAD DA?!

the nostalgic has just somehow caught me up and got me thinking abt the time i had in school... Christopher is now the new Chief Librarian, which i am glad that he is, as i know he's rather responsible, however, just didnt expect those people, to be the excos.. its like, HELLO, since when were they a librarian, and there are tonnes of people out there that deserves the post and responsibility more than that few people.. anyway, received a call from someone, regarding another someone... it just somehow surprises me... its not that i don trust the 2nd one, but i just want a definite answer from you, from your words.... its just sucky enough, and tomorrow is so called my big day.. great, right?
when and what?!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

missing yet wanting

days just somehow tends to get lesser as more deeply i am in love with you... when the time comes for me to really appreciate you, the things that you've done, then you would be preparing to go somewhere else... its not like i didnt appreciate you, or never appreciatted you, but i really need you around me most of the time, most of the days... you're already becoming a routine, a part of my daily life... yesterday night, it was a lil crazy to do some super late shopping, and crazy-food-grabbing in tesco, but trust me, it was fun, although u didnt really like it i think... i just want to have more things that i can re-call about you whenever you're not around... i want you to be the first thing, the first person, i think of whatever or whomever i met...
daily routine, a need, not a burden

Monday, December 15, 2008

regrets are only sorry

well, just noticed that i usually start blogging with WELL, or even have the WELL all over my blog... but, who cares... well, just read your blog... its your opportunity to be in Singapore and you should... nothing and no one should be in the way of you going back to the place that you like, you love, and you adore... i will be here, waiting for your return, while i wish, that you'll do the same for me next year... and i've just read another your blog as well... i know.. it has been a year since... i didnt forget a single thing that you've said to me... i don't know whether its still valid till these day or not, but i would definitely say that its a memorable one... the memories are permanent, and will never be taken away... it was me whom brought issues into the relationship, and i am sorry... i just cant say more enough of sorry to you, but i am really sorry, trully, madly, deeply... may your future be bright, of obstacles that will bring you experiences, and people that will help you whenever you need... you have my blessing all the time, anywhere and with whomever you're with... and for the now you, i do love you, and i really do... its not like i enjoy arguing with you or whatsoever, but then, its just the disagreement between us... you're great, great lover, great cook, great personality... but, i want you to be more realistic when there are golden opportunities that awaits you... i love you now, and i do..
why wait while you still can?

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

bumpy road

receive a news today... early in the morning... its just something that i've expected to hear but maybe just not so soon.. i didnt expect it to come so sudden... i knew that you like that place.. its the dream place that you would love to live in... more than anyone, more than me... i shouldn't be selfish so i should just let u go... i don't know whether i'll be able to make it to join you next year... i want to be there, fulfilling my dream, and reaching my goals in life... i am just worried about my future, and our future... I want you to be there but i will miss you definitely...
giving in is the only option

Thursday, December 4, 2008

how's it?

things happen in life whether you want it or not... i donno, it has been days since i last blogged, and believe it or not, lots happened... fell sick, doctor, medication, sick again, people leaving and all that... i'm just getting tired of it... somehow feels like giving up but do not know how.. i am sick of it... it just seems as though life is meaningless without that someone there, to support you, and to be with you... friends are great... i am not saying that friends are useless, but need that special someone to just ignite that fire in ur life... my little spark is not around now... i need you.. i want you... i miss you... i donno... lately, these few days, i kept thinking about things that might happen in the future after my A-levels... what will i be... what will i do... what will happen to the US... you might think that i don care, but i really do... i am worried that you wouldn't be around just like how you were... i miss you and i love you deeply, seriously...
what if it happens?