Thursday, December 4, 2008

how's it?

things happen in life whether you want it or not... i donno, it has been days since i last blogged, and believe it or not, lots happened... fell sick, doctor, medication, sick again, people leaving and all that... i'm just getting tired of it... somehow feels like giving up but do not know how.. i am sick of it... it just seems as though life is meaningless without that someone there, to support you, and to be with you... friends are great... i am not saying that friends are useless, but need that special someone to just ignite that fire in ur life... my little spark is not around now... i need you.. i want you... i miss you... i donno... lately, these few days, i kept thinking about things that might happen in the future after my A-levels... what will i be... what will i do... what will happen to the US... you might think that i don care, but i really do... i am worried that you wouldn't be around just like how you were... i miss you and i love you deeply, seriously...
what if it happens?

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