Saturday, December 27, 2008

it just goes of

its true, a year since the event, and a year since the words, the promises made... i'm sorry for the harm done, i'm sorry for the mistakes, for bringing bad memories... its not an easy thing to move on, not to live in the past, and as well to be brave enough to face the present and future and the person that used to be in your life in the past... i'm not denying the fact that i still misses you, but i know that there're nothing else that can be done... do have a merry Christmas and a better year ahead.. this year, Christmas was somehow special... it was a blast, danced like no one's business, and for the very first time, i was up on the stage right in front of the dj... it was HOT!!! well, i would as well like to dedicate part of the blog to Calvin, the 19 year old nurse.. *grins* lots of things happened happened lately, and i am still trying to accept the fact... 2008 was a long year... things happened... entered college, grandpa passed away, met someone new, saw people growing up, saw people changing,
waited and waiting

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Calvin Ng said...

Thank you, domestic pig XD

Anyway, it's really sweet of you. I'd like to thank both of you once again for your hospitality, it was really fantastic!