Tuesday, December 16, 2008

missing yet wanting

days just somehow tends to get lesser as more deeply i am in love with you... when the time comes for me to really appreciate you, the things that you've done, then you would be preparing to go somewhere else... its not like i didnt appreciate you, or never appreciatted you, but i really need you around me most of the time, most of the days... you're already becoming a routine, a part of my daily life... yesterday night, it was a lil crazy to do some super late shopping, and crazy-food-grabbing in tesco, but trust me, it was fun, although u didnt really like it i think... i just want to have more things that i can re-call about you whenever you're not around... i want you to be the first thing, the first person, i think of whatever or whomever i met...
daily routine, a need, not a burden

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