Monday, December 15, 2008

regrets are only sorry

well, just noticed that i usually start blogging with WELL, or even have the WELL all over my blog... but, who cares... well, just read your blog... its your opportunity to be in Singapore and you should... nothing and no one should be in the way of you going back to the place that you like, you love, and you adore... i will be here, waiting for your return, while i wish, that you'll do the same for me next year... and i've just read another your blog as well... i know.. it has been a year since... i didnt forget a single thing that you've said to me... i don't know whether its still valid till these day or not, but i would definitely say that its a memorable one... the memories are permanent, and will never be taken away... it was me whom brought issues into the relationship, and i am sorry... i just cant say more enough of sorry to you, but i am really sorry, trully, madly, deeply... may your future be bright, of obstacles that will bring you experiences, and people that will help you whenever you need... you have my blessing all the time, anywhere and with whomever you're with... and for the now you, i do love you, and i really do... its not like i enjoy arguing with you or whatsoever, but then, its just the disagreement between us... you're great, great lover, great cook, great personality... but, i want you to be more realistic when there are golden opportunities that awaits you... i love you now, and i do..
why wait while you still can?

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