Wednesday, January 14, 2009


its just so sucky to know that someone has just been using u as a tool to get to another or just a way to get away from something...

this is for u, sucker!

Superstar Where you from, how's it going?

I know you Gotta clue, what you're doing?

You can play brand new to all the other chicks out here

But I know what you are, what you are, baby

Look at you Gettin'

more than just re-up

Baby, you Got all the puppets with their strings up

Fakin' like a good one, but I call 'em like I see 'em I know what you are,

what you are, baby


Daddy-O You got the swagger of champion

Too bad for you

Just can't find the right companion

I guess when you have one too many, makes it hard It could be easy

Who you are, that's who you are, baby

Lollipop Must mistake me you're a sucker

To think that I Would be a victim not another

Say it, play it how you wanna

But no way

I'm ever gonna fall for you, never you,


You ain't gonna use anymore, sucker!

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