Tuesday, January 20, 2009


today is just the worst day of the week... its damn sucky that every freaking thing that i do would end up fucked-up! first, my favourite pen, BROKE!! it just freaking fell down from the freaking table in the lecture hall.. i left it in a safe position but somehow, someway, it just freaking rolled down the table, and walla, there goes my favourite pen... so FUCKED IT... then, in exam, someone, my so called good friend, needed my help, so i helped in... but, in return, when i needed some help, he freakingly shouted at me... you bastard, do keep one thing in mind.. i don need you in order to pass my exam or whatsoever... even if i fail, i would just let it happen with dignity, and not letting you scold me.. so, FUCK YOU!! then, in the office, i was just invisibly labelled as INVISIBLE!! FUCK EVERYTHING, FUCKER!
i have my temper, DON MESS WITH ME!

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