Tuesday, February 24, 2009

yyeee hooooo!!

wao... lots of things happened lately... last weekend, i went for a part time, and well, trousers torn but thank God that i managed to get back and change a new pair before start working... then, well.. there're another good news... its the first time in my life that i scored so high for my GP.. its like YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i scored 39 and 31 respectively for each essays... in total, i got 70 out of 100.. and GP is not like your conventional english paper k... its definitely crazy and its not as easy as you thought it is.. super strict marking, and you're only given an hour to finish an essay of 500 words min.. and yea, i am proud of myself.. too bad that i will not be taking GP for my A2 level.. hehe...

Friday, February 13, 2009

flying high

wao.. its just so dusty and dirty all over the blogspot... anyway, i'll be smilling for the whole day long till the end of my life... i will smile and be gay! anyway, am crossing my fingers, and hoping to get what i want... currently waiting for them to call me for the interview... so hope that its tomorrow.. haha... i've submitted my resume and went throught he screening d.. its just so nice to see other people becoming a FA, but myself still as a student... ~_~
smiling, welcoming you

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

fade off

argh.. just had a conversation with a friend of mine whom have 2 younger brother who works as a pilot... well, at least that i knew that there're lots to be done in order to achieve my dream.. so much more than what i actually thought it was... and guess what, even just to become a cabin crew, there're tonnes of things needed to go through... not just the interview, but as well the relationships in between the officers... so much to do, so lil things that i know... my dream of becoming a pilot just seems rade away as time goes by.. its not that i don want to be a pilot anymore, but just that it seems to get tougher... and my dear, i do miss you very much... i can't wait till you're back with me... how i wish that i can have you back this saturday, and not letting you go anymore... having you to be with me, all the time... i promise that i would change.. i just want you back.. please...

problems unsolved

its really hard to just get time to go by when you're not around... just painful... well, a friend of mine just now suddenly tell me that wants to be in the plane that i would be piloting in the future... i donno... i just stumbled across all these that really gets me thinking... i want to be a pilot badly, but its another thing when it comes to whether i am able to be one or not... then, my results came across my mind... with my current results, i would definitely have to re-sit for my certain papers... but then, at such time, i would definitely not wanting my parents to fork out such large sum of cash as they themselves are already having some hard time due to the economy crisis... i donno... due to that, i was forced to let go of certain subjects which i would really want to re-sit for due to the financial crisis... lots of stuff happened lately, and i am facing quite some hard time just to solve them all..
nothing comes free in life

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

missing 1

its only your 2nd day not around me, and i'm already having lots of hard time going through everything... i cried whenever i think of you... i miss you very badly... loving someone has never felt this painful... i just don want you to leave my life... thinking about the time remaining for us to meet again is just agonizing... i really want to see you, and have you in my arms... whenever i am in the hostel, i would just lie on the bed, sit on the chair, and stare... just keep on waiting for the day to come when you come back... i have no idea how to tell you how hard is it for me... i don even dare to tell you as i don want you to break into tears... i love you my dear...