Wednesday, February 4, 2009

problems unsolved

its really hard to just get time to go by when you're not around... just painful... well, a friend of mine just now suddenly tell me that wants to be in the plane that i would be piloting in the future... i donno... i just stumbled across all these that really gets me thinking... i want to be a pilot badly, but its another thing when it comes to whether i am able to be one or not... then, my results came across my mind... with my current results, i would definitely have to re-sit for my certain papers... but then, at such time, i would definitely not wanting my parents to fork out such large sum of cash as they themselves are already having some hard time due to the economy crisis... i donno... due to that, i was forced to let go of certain subjects which i would really want to re-sit for due to the financial crisis... lots of stuff happened lately, and i am facing quite some hard time just to solve them all..
nothing comes free in life

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liv said...

i'm sorry to hear abt ur results...
but take it easy and please dont let that to beat u up.
im sure there's still other ways to overcome all this...
anyway, how much is all the papers?