Tuesday, February 24, 2009

yyeee hooooo!!

wao... lots of things happened lately... last weekend, i went for a part time, and well, trousers torn but thank God that i managed to get back and change a new pair before start working... then, well.. there're another good news... its the first time in my life that i scored so high for my GP.. its like YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i scored 39 and 31 respectively for each essays... in total, i got 70 out of 100.. and GP is not like your conventional english paper k... its definitely crazy and its not as easy as you thought it is.. super strict marking, and you're only given an hour to finish an essay of 500 words min.. and yea, i am proud of myself.. too bad that i will not be taking GP for my A2 level.. hehe...

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