Friday, March 27, 2009

call me, pick me, choose me, help me

ok... well, basically, no i am having a dilemma... should i go for gym, or should not... *sigh* quote of the day : 'No electricity is it?' by Michelle, while Ms Hoo was actually teaching using the projector. =.= it is already 27/03, and 3 more days till the revealation of the blogs... hopefully i can get la.. anyway, i do hope that the DCA reply my application soon.. its not that i am super desperate, but i will definitely be so much relieved after receiving their reply.. hehe... AA, faster get me called up for an interview and please let me secure a seat for the cadet...
you'll know it when you get it

lick lick

just read some random blogs just now....
well, somehow, i feel that i've changed my way of blogging..
it somehow became more healthy..
its not that i always go surf porn site k (I DONT!)
but nowadays, whenever i come online, i'll go check my forum, then open The Star to read news, and then check out blogs and some articles...
its so fun..
anyway, exam is like, this coming monday?, but i am still unable to focus...
great, right??
somehow, i am just over relaxed...
i need to study!!!!!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

to be?

lots of things la... just lots of things in my mind, and all just sort of mixed up like a rojak... i donno.. i am trying to re-organize every little things, but i just have no idea where and how to start... read something from the past, and found out that i stupid and what i jerk i was.. i donno about now, but i do hope that i am better, and i am trying my best to treat u... not sms-ing u that frequent doesnt mean that i don care.. seriously.. i know i was like that 2 years ago, but to be really honest to u, i still care about u... i am just sometimes a little screwed up and lazy and well, a jerk la... now that i am about to finish my course, i am worried about how we can be.. how are we going to continue everything.. i donno... 2 more months to go... just f-ed up la... i am really confused..
trying not to think is trying to avoid

Friday, March 20, 2009

Flying with the joy stick!

OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!! *screaming my lungs out* I WAS IN THE COCKPIT, DURING A FLIGHT!!!!! ok ok ok... this is how it happens.. i booked a flight from penang to lcct kl to come back for my studies... and, well, was told by fie that i can request for the jump seat if i talked to *peep* and they will then let me know... and guess what, i was invited into the cockpit, having the jump seat!!! the view was magnificient... i basically saw what the pilot was seeing in the flight, and well, it was fun... i was there from when the plane was in the air till the end of the whole journey, which included the landing and all... well, Captain Bruno and 1st Officer David were superbly kind and friendly.. oh my God... thanks Captain Bruno and David!!!!!!!!!! i've taken a few pictures when i was in the cockpit, but i too bad i am not allowed to show it here... Gawd... anyway, I AM VERY HAPPY AND EXCITED!!! I WAS IN THE COCKPIT AND I SAW THE PROCESS OF LANDING AND EVERYTHING OF A COMMERCIAL AIRLINE!! anyway, i know what i will be doing after my a-levels... i've already checked it up, and my parents are fully supporting me with it... here i come *peep* *peep* academy !!!! and oh ya, i just finish giving blood... hehe... it was fun... thanks nurses!!
finally i see myself in the future

Friday, March 13, 2009


my little collection...
watch it...

Ain't gonna

i really want it alright... its not like people who are just trying out to test their luck or for some rich ppl out there that has lots of other options to choose from... its not that i am desperate, but i just need and wants it.. anyway, i've been focusing quite a lot lately on it.. i've been doing research, doing videos and all.. i just want the readers to know how much i want it.. i am serious about it, and not just for the fun of it... anyway, life is rather bad la.. today is Friday the 13th... its not that i care so much about it... but its definitely not my favourite day... i broke my bottle, almost fell down 3 times today, and didnt get the best cubicle in the bathroom.. ok.. maybe not so much about the cubicle, but i really hate it that all the bad things keep happening... thank God that the random presentation i had just now was still fine.. *relief* anyway guys, i'll be going to matta fair tomorrow with the hope of getting great deals there and finding my dream job there... tataz... missing you, as always..
researches are done for a purpose

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

F for Flying

trust me.. i am freakingly starting to get pissed... i woke up from the wrong side of the bed today although there's only 1 side for me to get off from bed... anyway, just feel that something is wrong lately la.. just very wrong... whatever i do, whatever things i can think of, it'll just be shitty and i'll screw it up... argh!! GDI! i really want to get it, but i just cant think of any idea of getting it done.. i will have to impress the readers, the people.. but how?!?! with thousands of other people competing.. with better writings.. how can i do that?? its so F up!
i hate liars that tell lies

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Hippy wippy

wao.. i'm just getting a little lazy lately.. and guess what i saw today in newspaper!!! haha... i am so going for that... i will do my freaking best although its my first time joining such stuff... anyway, really miss cheerleading la.. had fun going through the routine just now... it has been like what, at least 5 months since we've danced together.. i miss all of u... quote of the day : I AM HIGH ON NASI LEMAK ( joo ying) anyway, ZAC, thanks for that idea.. it was splendid, and now, i just need ur help in getting it to come true..
hehe.. when i am flying high

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

live it

well... last friday... or thursday.. donno la... i was told that i look like that little gorilla from tarzan and jane..its like..what?!?! Ms Christina and joyee and jooying agreed.. i was like... =.= hey... compare this and me...
its like
today, i made some stupid mistake in econs la..
i didnt know that to tanggung is spell as BEAR..
i then instead corrected and laughed at kin lim and mich that it was bare
honestly, of all the classes i attend in college,
the best of all is econs..
its just so fun..
unlike my SJ class...
damn sienz and boring....
people, I LOVE BRITNEY!!!!!!!!!
i learn, i play