Friday, March 13, 2009

Ain't gonna

i really want it alright... its not like people who are just trying out to test their luck or for some rich ppl out there that has lots of other options to choose from... its not that i am desperate, but i just need and wants it.. anyway, i've been focusing quite a lot lately on it.. i've been doing research, doing videos and all.. i just want the readers to know how much i want it.. i am serious about it, and not just for the fun of it... anyway, life is rather bad la.. today is Friday the 13th... its not that i care so much about it... but its definitely not my favourite day... i broke my bottle, almost fell down 3 times today, and didnt get the best cubicle in the bathroom.. ok.. maybe not so much about the cubicle, but i really hate it that all the bad things keep happening... thank God that the random presentation i had just now was still fine.. *relief* anyway guys, i'll be going to matta fair tomorrow with the hope of getting great deals there and finding my dream job there... tataz... missing you, as always..
researches are done for a purpose

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