Friday, March 20, 2009

Flying with the joy stick!

OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!! *screaming my lungs out* I WAS IN THE COCKPIT, DURING A FLIGHT!!!!! ok ok ok... this is how it happens.. i booked a flight from penang to lcct kl to come back for my studies... and, well, was told by fie that i can request for the jump seat if i talked to *peep* and they will then let me know... and guess what, i was invited into the cockpit, having the jump seat!!! the view was magnificient... i basically saw what the pilot was seeing in the flight, and well, it was fun... i was there from when the plane was in the air till the end of the whole journey, which included the landing and all... well, Captain Bruno and 1st Officer David were superbly kind and friendly.. oh my God... thanks Captain Bruno and David!!!!!!!!!! i've taken a few pictures when i was in the cockpit, but i too bad i am not allowed to show it here... Gawd... anyway, I AM VERY HAPPY AND EXCITED!!! I WAS IN THE COCKPIT AND I SAW THE PROCESS OF LANDING AND EVERYTHING OF A COMMERCIAL AIRLINE!! anyway, i know what i will be doing after my a-levels... i've already checked it up, and my parents are fully supporting me with it... here i come *peep* *peep* academy !!!! and oh ya, i just finish giving blood... hehe... it was fun... thanks nurses!!
finally i see myself in the future

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Calvin Ng said...

Well, I'm very happy for you too =)

Never give up on your dreams!