Thursday, March 5, 2009

Hippy wippy

wao.. i'm just getting a little lazy lately.. and guess what i saw today in newspaper!!! haha... i am so going for that... i will do my freaking best although its my first time joining such stuff... anyway, really miss cheerleading la.. had fun going through the routine just now... it has been like what, at least 5 months since we've danced together.. i miss all of u... quote of the day : I AM HIGH ON NASI LEMAK ( joo ying) anyway, ZAC, thanks for that idea.. it was splendid, and now, i just need ur help in getting it to come true..
hehe.. when i am flying high


Calvin Ng said...

What is it that you're joining for the first time?

jooying said...

I SAW MY QUOTE IN YOUR BLOG! i'm so proud of it.
and yes, u do look like that monkey.. the hair!!

and, of course econs is fun(without the exams) hahaha, cause got me ma!!!! LOL1



i dun hate britney! i like her songs still! although it was quite disappointing that she lip-sync