Wednesday, March 25, 2009

to be?

lots of things la... just lots of things in my mind, and all just sort of mixed up like a rojak... i donno.. i am trying to re-organize every little things, but i just have no idea where and how to start... read something from the past, and found out that i stupid and what i jerk i was.. i donno about now, but i do hope that i am better, and i am trying my best to treat u... not sms-ing u that frequent doesnt mean that i don care.. seriously.. i know i was like that 2 years ago, but to be really honest to u, i still care about u... i am just sometimes a little screwed up and lazy and well, a jerk la... now that i am about to finish my course, i am worried about how we can be.. how are we going to continue everything.. i donno... 2 more months to go... just f-ed up la... i am really confused..
trying not to think is trying to avoid

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