Thursday, April 30, 2009

Tickets for 2, by Air Asia

OoOoOoOoOOOOOOOHHHHH My GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I've just won 2 tickets for my mom and grandma by Air Asia to Taiwan!!!! OMG!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks Air Asia.. I really appreciate it la.. Its like a big thing for me as I am very glad that both of them are very happy as well.. hehe... thanks for helping me to give them a great + memorable trip!!! THANKS AIR ASIA & DEREK!!

My College life

You have no idea how miserable one can be when he/she has a pimple on his/her cheek...for my case, today, its not really only a pimple, but its like combination of various pimples...something that every teenagers has to go through la... now, i am sitting in 1U, in the old wing, directly in front of the pizza hut, onlining... and guess what...people walking by me just stares at me and the stupid scar/ pimples and when i stare at them, then only they look away... EH, WHAT'S WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE???YOU ALL ARE TOO OLD THAT YOU ENVY ME FOR HAVING PIMPLES ON MY FACE AND YOU DON'T EVEN GET 1?!?! bloody arse... BTW, the wifi in 1U is meant to be used by its shopper, ME! what's wrong with a teenage boy pulling out the laptop from my bag and starting to go online and even blogging... dumb people... anyway, i am not supposed to start blogging about how people treated me and my little pimple today is supposed to be an emo day and for me to feel sad as my final class in college has already ended.. *sobs* MICH, I DIDN'T KENA PUNCH!!! anyway, i think i still owe Andrea my writtings in her college diary.. i've finished joo's and kin lim's... Kin Lim, try to read my chinese name, haha... anyway joo,i couldn't continue writting just now la... had all those sweet memories and the flash back.. thought of all the tiring and crazy day we had in the dance room.. all the sweat and shouting with u.. i know its my fault la... sorry... well, to the whole AJ9, it was my honour to be part of your class... to be part of the fun, part of the enjoyment.. you guys really made my college life fun la.. without you all, trust me.. all i have in college was just 2 friends, and some br*inless people whom i called class mates... its not all of them are fools la... there are nice people.. just that i can hardly find a topic in common to go along with you guys...sorry.. i am really starting to feel emo again.. Gawd... anyway, i don really have the photos with me.. most of them are with andrea, mich and joo... again, AJ-rians, thanks for giving me such great memory in college!!! lurve ya'al!
its for now and always

missing you already

you guys made me emo... the snapping of pics.. the writtings... OMG... =.=

Friday, April 24, 2009


trust me.. this is very random.. but now i am in the starbucks in GENTING HIGHLANDS... =.=

Thursday, April 23, 2009

the gila AJ9 -rians

wow... i feel so honoured by having me in andrea's blog.. haha... fyi, i am Lady Gaga-ing... anyway... class ending liao.. haihz... i don mind la if its for the SJ9P but now, its the AJs... they're like the craziest + wacky (Ayyyyyyyyyvec according to andrea) + fun people... *sigh* guess what.. i was asked to go for a class trip to Redang this coming June after exam as well as the SJ9P class party this coming saturday.. find it damn funny la.. its like as though i am so close to the class.. i barely even communicate with them.. I am saying COMMUNICATE because we seldom talk la.. not even conversation.. haha... so, definitely, sorry guys.. i wont be there.. neither wei yee nor wah yew... =D went to class on Tuesday and was so flooded by the people... go read andrea's blog la.. =.= oh ya!!! wah yew, HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY ya.. it was yesterday... dua puluh tahun liao la...
am missing you guys already

Monday, April 20, 2009

Can't cry?

Who said that a guy can't cry?? its like kiss my fingers la.. =.= well.. i am not really crying la.. but deep inside me.. i can hear the sobbing and the screaming.. i just want to get out of this situation.. exam is really ducking (joo, borrow ya) near and now.. i am onlining.. GDI.. sigh.. i don want to fail!!! i want to FLY!!
ignorant is ignatius

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Knew it

Well.. am having my little short yet intensive holiday now.. doing quite a lot of past years and well, hopefully it works la.. guys and girls.. go watch KNOWING... its nice..

Monday, April 13, 2009

auto de-pilot

It has never ever fail to amaze me when i look at it and see how it glides gracefully... its aeroplane of course that i am talking about... Currently am going through a blog by a MAS pilot that i've discovered through the forum, and really reading the posts and all the experiences he had was enough to just drown me and make me go HIGH.... a pilot can be in Malaysia in the morning, in Adelaide in the afternoon and sleeps in the bunk in an aircraft in the middle of the night.. people find all these to be crazy and hectic as lifestyle of a pilot is so random that basically, you cant have any planning done but just go according to the plan... to me, its life and its fun! its more than just telling other people that you're a pilot when people ask what you work (with that gust of wind blowing while u say PILOT).. but its like living the life and working at the same time... its just to see things and places in our very short life span on 70 years... people might get bored of work but definitely, being int he cockpit and observing the surroundings is great fun!!! and people, becoming pilot is or even the job of a pilot is not as easy as you thought it is... it is not like 2 man sitting in the cockpit while the plane taxi its way on the runway to the sky and when it is airborne, it'll just fly by itself through autopilots... yes... its true that planes are on autopilot when airborne, but pilots do have to observe and see what is going on... as what Captain YellowHerbie said, autopilots are not afraid of thunderstorms... the radar and all can detect an aircraft around the plane, but not the clouds... the autopilot can divert the craft from an aircraft in front but it will never divert itself if there's a huge solid cloud and thunderstorm.. pilots have to do the job k..... Captain YellowHerbie, I LOOK UP ON YOU!!!
Its not easy to fly

its BLOGGING, not COPYING ideas

Its just rather funny to see that how NOT creative people nowadays are... I am not saying that I am like a brilliant and smart-einstein's son/ Newton's grandson and all, but pleaseeeeeeeeeeeee la... can you guys just show some creativity in just writting the blog... Maybe i am over perasan-ned but even my friends are telling me that somehow, the later blogs are somewhat similar to mine... Maybe it is not the same, but somehow I feel a little unfair deep down in my heart cause its like reading the compilation and combination of what other people wants... its not only me, but to the others as well.. to the other candidates who has already been shorlisted earlier with me, our little idea and words are just being captured and put inside the newer candidate and pronounced as theirs... I am not really mad or whatever la, but i am seeing similarities in the newer shortlisted candidates with the other older candidates... i donno... maybe its me being over reacting la... no offence guys and girls...
be creative and ORIGINAL

Friday, April 10, 2009

time we my enn

I was typing andrea's blog address and guess what appeared?? Oops! This link appears broken. Suggestions : andrea time we my enn blogspot haha.... Andrea, this is your new name!!


GDI!!! stupid mall with stupid hair cut service... well, not really the mall la.. maybe that i am just not used to this mall and thats why i find it stupid...\ personally, i think that Sunway is just a little too big that i can got lost in it... seriously.... i spent 20 minutes walking around the mall just to look for the the one at the main entrance, but the other one... i went round and round and looked like a fool carrying a bag with a stupid hair... i had the idiotic hair cut in some shop in the Asian Avenue and now, i look like a little school boy with SUPER SHORT HAIR!!! trust me.. its short at all side and back, and even short at the top... =.= shiiiattt.......
what a day, what a place

Thursday, April 9, 2009


OMG... it feels like some Thaipusam in the CIT or something... I have nothing against any Indians k, but please la... this is CIT.. its not like some cyber cafe or your home that you can sit at one corner and start shouting some indian dialect or something(which i so don understand) to some indian chicks at the other corner... puhhlesssss la......... =.= today got PPK-ed by shannie... said wanna go for gym but in the end, didnt even attend class... but wanna thank her la for teaching me how to swim.. hahahahahah........ TERIMA KASIH SHANNIE.... then andrea, congrats for FINALLY having a blog... and well, hopefully it will last la... haha... jangan hangat hangat tahi ayam/ tahi andrea can d... *wink* till now, masih tak dapat any reply from AK... masih waiting and praying... hulamak.... waiting is killing!!
quote of the day : Janet and Michael are siblings?!?!
i eat, i sleep, i wait

Monday, April 6, 2009

Flying camera!

guess what, thanks to Hitz FM, i got a free samsung 7.2 mega pixel digital camera... hahaha... yea... it was fun!!! anyway, Air Asia, please select me as ur final 10... its more than I WANT IT, but it is like ITS MY GOAL!! it is a long wait definitely, but i don think that it'll get the reply any time soon la... still have long way to go..

Friday, April 3, 2009

it is what i want

finally that i've already settled down after the whole day of over-excitement and euphoria.. i've got so many replies of congrats and well, i am too glad and happy over it.. haha.. for now, i am just doing my best for my exam... ps. tomorrow is the last paper.. MUAHAHAHAHAH.... this morning, so damn early, about 7.15 i received a call from mom telling me that they've already received a reply from *someone*.. thank God.. but now, i am in a dilemma whether to carry forward, or to wait till i get a reply from Air Asia regarding the 10 finalist for the blogging competition.. *tolong lah bagi i dapat* anyway, there have been quite a number of people asking me "What does blogging got to do and does it have any relevant to the occupation of a pilot?" "You can be a good blogger but that doesn't mean that you're a good pilot" well, people, LISTEN UP!! this competition, blogging, is only for the management of air asia to know how much we want to be a pilot, and why we want it....i do agree with the saying that a good blogger doesnt not assure that he/she will be a good pilot, but at least, the blogger has the passion, and has the guts to voice out.. unlike some people out there that has ambition but just keep it to yourself..I am not going to mention names, so you should know who you are... Through the blogging competition, i really got to express what i feel deep down in my heart, for the very first time, to the public that i want to be a pilot very badly and it is not because of some stupid random reasons!! WHEN I SAY I WANT IT BADLY, I MEAN IT!!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

the blog in AA blog

Note from blogteam: Chee Keong, Congratulations! You are our first shortlisted candidate. Your post speaks for itself. You have shown us the desire and you are the first on board and one step closer to be one of the ten. This does not mean you are already one of the ten but you have already been identified for possible selection. PS. This is no April Fool's joke. You earned it. YES!! I want to be a PILOT!! Why Pilot? P = Pleasurable I = Interesting L = Lively O = Opportunity T = Thrill Dream might be hard to be achieved, but that is the point of it. I was very much amazed when I read the article in the newspaper regarding this competition on 5th of March. I have always wanted to be a pilot since I was young and till this very moment, I would still stand firm for my ambition and never, ever give up faith and hope to become a pilot to fly, and take off from the ground. It is not just a dream, but a goal in life! When I was in primary school, I was asked to write an essay regarding my ambition and what I want to be in the future. I can still remember writing and telling the teacher that I want to be a plane driver. I was laughed at because I didn’t know that flying a plane is behind a yoke, and not a steering. Haha….. I was told by my English teacher at then (Ms Lee) that flying a plane requires lots of studies and having good eye sight. She said that a pilot has great responsibility and one must not be afraid of heights. =.= Well, actually, from then, I knew that my dream and ambition is to be a pilot and not a driver… =D When I grew a little older, I told myself that dreams are meant to be achieved. But then, the problem was not when to start realizing it, but rather, how to start realizing my ambition. Thankfully, with my parents’ mental support and encouragement, I am able to gather my courage, and they inspired me to take the big leap, to start blogging and writing how much and why I want to be a pilot. Ok, here comes the question WHY I would choose Pilot as a career… When I was young, I would always bug my parents to bring me to somewhere in a plane but they would just say, “Boy, its just nothing la… Being in a plane is just like in a car…You’ll get to be in a plane someday but not today k…For now, study hard and get good grades…Then in the future, you’ll be able to fly as much as you want and at that moment, flight would just be like a norm in your life.” =.= I am actually very amazed whenever I get the chance to visit the airport. Looking at people of all ages and different background working together, sending off and welcoming planes entering the runway. I know that the airline industry is not only about the pilot alone to fly the plane, but everyone else from the management office to the ground crew. Physics and mathematical laws made flying possible, but it is the dream and passion that drives, or should I say, fly people around. That is why I want to be a pilot. It is men above all machines, however behind it, faith and interest above all men. As much as I wanted to be a pilot, I was only able to be in a plane when I was in form 3. I can still re-call the moment when I stepped into the plane and I went WAO. My first flight, as a passenger of course, in my life was from KLIA to Kuching with Air Asia. To others, it was nothing, but to me, it was like a dream come true (part of the dream actually), a day to be noted and to be remembered, to be able to fly in an aircraft. Although I was only 15, I wished so hard that I was able to just be in the cockpit, having the yoke in my hands and see the plane taking off from the pilot’s view. The flight was about 45 minutes, but at then, it was the best 45 minutes as for the first time in my life, I was able to see the fluffy clouds right below the plane, and seeing all the cars which were so tiny on the ground. From then, I realize that flying is and will be my thing. Since the early secondary school, I have always been actively participating in class as well as co-curricular activity such as camps as well as various leadership camps. As I am very adventurous and adaptive to the environment, I find that my dream of becoming a pilot fits perfectly into my character. With the support from my family members, they would always encourage me to find any available opportunity for myself to join an airline and to be their cadet pilot. You might now ask, “If they support you, why didn’t they send you to any flying academy to pursue your dreams?” Well, then the answer would be due to the financial issue. The course to get the ATPL and CPL is very costly and it will be very unfair for my sibling if my parents are to spend that big sum of money on me. Although financial is the only thing that is putting the barrier between me and flying, but it will not stop me from getting there. Passion drives me around, and faith enables me to fly. With the undying faith and passion, I will be able to be a pilot one day. But now, with the blogging competition, I will be able to get rid of the barrier, and enabling me to see clearly into my dream. It is just a click away. It is definitely tough and there are lots of difficulties in order to achieve one’s dream, but I will not give up. Giving up the hope and dream of becoming a pilot would only means giving up the happiness in my life, and giving up on myself. Dreams are meant to be achieved and not only to be hoped for. There are times when the going gets tough; hope seems to be shattered and dreams seems to be getting far away. But I do believe, I do have faith as I know that with great determination comes great success. It has been my ambition when I was young and as I go through difficulties in life, I would only see myself getting closer to becoming what I really want to be. The competition is strong and tough, but I will not give up on what I promised myself. There are lots of people out there fighting for their lives daily, so who am I to choose not to fight for my dream and to give up? I have faith, I have courage, I am determined. I am prepared to go beyond whatever it takes to BE A PILOT. I will not sit and wait, but I will take the chance! Why me? P = Perfect candidate I = Intelligent L = Leadership skills O = Open minded T = Talented If I am able to be a high flyer and having Pilot as my full time career, I am not only blessed with the opportunity of travelling from places to places while working, but as well to be able to serve my people, my corporation as well as to make my nation proud. From joining Air Asia, I would be able to be part of the fast growing airline in the region as well as a huge corporation that is well known locally and globally. Other than that, a career as a pilot would be an ideal job for me as I am into a unique life styles and not having to work on a daily routine of 9 to 5. As of my understanding, pilot have trainings every once in awhile as well as duty to be carried out. These would definitely be a thing which I am capable of doing as well as interested in. I would really hope that one day, I would stop having the thought of ‘wanting it’ but instead, ‘having it’!!! If got selected, P = Pleasingly Proud I = Interesting & Impressive L = Laughters & Loving it O = On cloud nine & Overjoyed T = Thankful & Take it

Wednesday, April 1, 2009


OMG!!!!! guys... the competition thing that i mentioned the other day, is actually a blogging competition by Air Asia to be their pilot.. and guess what, my blog is the first to be selected and today is the first day of the competition, and my blog was the first to be featured!!!!!! OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! for the blog, u can go to OMG!!!!!!!