Monday, April 13, 2009

auto de-pilot

It has never ever fail to amaze me when i look at it and see how it glides gracefully... its aeroplane of course that i am talking about... Currently am going through a blog by a MAS pilot that i've discovered through the forum, and really reading the posts and all the experiences he had was enough to just drown me and make me go HIGH.... a pilot can be in Malaysia in the morning, in Adelaide in the afternoon and sleeps in the bunk in an aircraft in the middle of the night.. people find all these to be crazy and hectic as lifestyle of a pilot is so random that basically, you cant have any planning done but just go according to the plan... to me, its life and its fun! its more than just telling other people that you're a pilot when people ask what you work (with that gust of wind blowing while u say PILOT).. but its like living the life and working at the same time... its just to see things and places in our very short life span on 70 years... people might get bored of work but definitely, being int he cockpit and observing the surroundings is great fun!!! and people, becoming pilot is or even the job of a pilot is not as easy as you thought it is... it is not like 2 man sitting in the cockpit while the plane taxi its way on the runway to the sky and when it is airborne, it'll just fly by itself through autopilots... yes... its true that planes are on autopilot when airborne, but pilots do have to observe and see what is going on... as what Captain YellowHerbie said, autopilots are not afraid of thunderstorms... the radar and all can detect an aircraft around the plane, but not the clouds... the autopilot can divert the craft from an aircraft in front but it will never divert itself if there's a huge solid cloud and thunderstorm.. pilots have to do the job k..... Captain YellowHerbie, I LOOK UP ON YOU!!!
Its not easy to fly

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