Monday, April 13, 2009

its BLOGGING, not COPYING ideas

Its just rather funny to see that how NOT creative people nowadays are... I am not saying that I am like a brilliant and smart-einstein's son/ Newton's grandson and all, but pleaseeeeeeeeeeeee la... can you guys just show some creativity in just writting the blog... Maybe i am over perasan-ned but even my friends are telling me that somehow, the later blogs are somewhat similar to mine... Maybe it is not the same, but somehow I feel a little unfair deep down in my heart cause its like reading the compilation and combination of what other people wants... its not only me, but to the others as well.. to the other candidates who has already been shorlisted earlier with me, our little idea and words are just being captured and put inside the newer candidate and pronounced as theirs... I am not really mad or whatever la, but i am seeing similarities in the newer shortlisted candidates with the other older candidates... i donno... maybe its me being over reacting la... no offence guys and girls...
be creative and ORIGINAL

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