Thursday, April 30, 2009

My College life

You have no idea how miserable one can be when he/she has a pimple on his/her cheek...for my case, today, its not really only a pimple, but its like combination of various pimples...something that every teenagers has to go through la... now, i am sitting in 1U, in the old wing, directly in front of the pizza hut, onlining... and guess what...people walking by me just stares at me and the stupid scar/ pimples and when i stare at them, then only they look away... EH, WHAT'S WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE???YOU ALL ARE TOO OLD THAT YOU ENVY ME FOR HAVING PIMPLES ON MY FACE AND YOU DON'T EVEN GET 1?!?! bloody arse... BTW, the wifi in 1U is meant to be used by its shopper, ME! what's wrong with a teenage boy pulling out the laptop from my bag and starting to go online and even blogging... dumb people... anyway, i am not supposed to start blogging about how people treated me and my little pimple today is supposed to be an emo day and for me to feel sad as my final class in college has already ended.. *sobs* MICH, I DIDN'T KENA PUNCH!!! anyway, i think i still owe Andrea my writtings in her college diary.. i've finished joo's and kin lim's... Kin Lim, try to read my chinese name, haha... anyway joo,i couldn't continue writting just now la... had all those sweet memories and the flash back.. thought of all the tiring and crazy day we had in the dance room.. all the sweat and shouting with u.. i know its my fault la... sorry... well, to the whole AJ9, it was my honour to be part of your class... to be part of the fun, part of the enjoyment.. you guys really made my college life fun la.. without you all, trust me.. all i have in college was just 2 friends, and some br*inless people whom i called class mates... its not all of them are fools la... there are nice people.. just that i can hardly find a topic in common to go along with you guys...sorry.. i am really starting to feel emo again.. Gawd... anyway, i don really have the photos with me.. most of them are with andrea, mich and joo... again, AJ-rians, thanks for giving me such great memory in college!!! lurve ya'al!
its for now and always

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