Friday, May 29, 2009

end it?

he knelt to the ground and pull out a ring.. .... although taylor swift is a little not-that-hot anymore lately, but i still enjoy listening to LOVE STORY... it just somehow give me a moment to fantasize about all the sweet little thing that can happen in the world.. am having exam nowadays, and due to my stupidity, i will not talk about that.. guess what, i had my final night in my hostel yesterday night, and couldn't really sleep la.. lots of stuff came across my mind.. my ex room mate, Khai Chee or something like that and my current room mate, Kah Whai... believe it or not, i haven't informed him about me leaving the hostel tonight.. haha.. bet that he'll be so surprised when he come back to the room and find my side empty.. haha.. maybe he'll thought that i've been robbed or kidnapped.. haha.. anyway, its almost the end of college la.. 7 more papers to go, and off i go from my college life... am having a dilemma la.. still waiting for Air Asia to inform me regarding my interview and tour stuff.. on the other hand, i've received a letter offer from APFT to enroll for the Sept or Dec intake.. its like a big thing k.. APFT!! its one of the top-pest flying academy in Malaysia and they will be offering me a Diploma in Aviation or something like that too.. but then, if i am to accept their offer and go in as a private, lou tao and lou mou will have to pay for it d la.. what if after i enrolled in APFT then only Air Asia inform me and tell me that they will be bonding me and sending me off to study the course as their cadet?? ya ala.... so shitty la... haihz... and guess what *random* 2 of my ex call me at the same time.. haha.. i am sick of turning back and regretting la.. i am happy now and don feel like going for a change.. sigh.. well, maybe i am emo now or something la.. i am thinking about closing down this blog.. i doubt that there are any readers... do i actually blog for myself or blog for others?? 0.o

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

mcValue lunchy...

just randomly received an email about mc-value lunch..
joo, mich, andrea, bloggers..
go join la..
can win an apple phone...
wait till i free la...
i will start telling about the food...

its U, i love u!

guess who's birthday is today??
its my mama!!!
happy birthday mom!!!
well, too bad that i am unable to be back in penang to celebrate your special day with you..
love u mom!!!
i owe u a cake..

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

old huh..

ok..i just came across this one thing lately... if you've ever been in a public transport, as in a very public transport like a bus or train, you should continue reading this... usually, if there's a seat whenever we board the transport and no one is or will be sitting, most of us would just go and take the seat.. once we land our big jumbo ass on it, we will somehow get lazy to stand again till only if we are to see someone like an old people, pregnant or the OKU's... we can easily recognises the pregnant lady, and OKU's easily.. like DUH... however.. when it comes to the old people.... here comes the problem.. how and only who should we categorise as old?? -THOSE WITH GREY HAIR?? what if they got their hair dyed??you know...nowadays old lady loves having blonde hair for God knows what reason....(to please their husband perhaps) =.= -THOSE WHO DRESSES LIKE OLD PEOPLE?? what if they are not old but only has a bad sense of fashion?? (i've definitely seen quite alot of Malaysian dresses like that)