Tuesday, May 12, 2009

old huh..

ok..i just came across this one thing lately... if you've ever been in a public transport, as in a very public transport like a bus or train, you should continue reading this... usually, if there's a seat whenever we board the transport and no one is or will be sitting, most of us would just go and take the seat.. once we land our big jumbo ass on it, we will somehow get lazy to stand again till only if we are to see someone like an old people, pregnant or the OKU's... we can easily recognises the pregnant lady, and OKU's easily.. like DUH... however.. when it comes to the old people.... here comes the problem.. how and only who should we categorise as old?? -THOSE WITH GREY HAIR?? what if they got their hair dyed??you know...nowadays old lady loves having blonde hair for God knows what reason....(to please their husband perhaps) =.= -THOSE WHO DRESSES LIKE OLD PEOPLE?? what if they are not old but only has a bad sense of fashion?? (i've definitely seen quite alot of Malaysian dresses like that)

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