Tuesday, June 30, 2009

time's up

I'm at the point of breaking down, breaking up.. I'm really confused and somehow, there's just this questions that can't be answered.. whenever i ask K about it, she'll just come up with this weird reply that doesn't relate back to the things that happened.. no doubt it can answer my question, but its just an answer which sounded so fake, so made up, so different.. it has became a norm for us to argue and to even come to the point of no return.. she has been saying that the mistakes are with me, and i am the one who has been doubting and questioning her on her sincerity.. but has she ever asked herself, why and since when that i've started asking all the why's and demanding for a detailed explanation? I'm really getting tired.. i just want to get off this relationship, and get over with it..

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

where to?

I AM SO TIRED!!!! my gawd... very tired la... not much people was in the office today.. so quiet, and so calm.... in fact, TOO CALM that almost made all of us fell asleep.. haihz.. when should i go back Penang?? still undecided..

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

picture time!

well, although i didn't update my blog for quite some time, but i do have my camera with me all the time..so, i snap snap snap and now, load load load..

random pictures taken from the past few months...


request from Andrea,
well, this was actually taken on the day we finished our exam (which is also joo's birthday)..
we went crazy in the Padini Concept store in pavillion (sorry staff!) and we just took whatever we thought was nice and try it on..
in the end, i bought this...(minus the black shirt)

enough maybe

sometimes life is not only about myself, but then in a sudden, i just feel so empty.. all alone.. its not because of what happened, but i think its just myself.. myself becoming numb and not feeling things anymore... somehow, i feel just so lonely.. not a single one around, to support and to talk to.. no doubt that i am tired.. no doubt that i am restless, but i really want to move on.. i want to fight, i want to keep going.. all i need now is just support.. someone to fight along, and to move forward together.. i am as though going through the journey in my life all by myself.. did i disappoint you in any way? i tried my best to fulfil the promises, and tried my best to make you and everyone else happy.. but lately, i feel very tired... i am just so exhausted..

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


hectic yet long day...
weird right??
it is...
some of the shortlisted candidates has already received the mail telling them about the interview, but i still havent...
i am refreshing my page every minute..

Monday, June 15, 2009


things are really getting from bad to worst nowadays... you and I are so distanced that somehow, I feel so strangered about you... it just questions me whether its right or wrong.. On a brighter note, my latest pics taken during the cam whore session with my daughters last friday..
this is vain, and i love it...

Friday, June 12, 2009


I AM PHREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hahaha... oh my...i have no idea how to describe the feeling la.. you know what, i actually only realised that my exam has ended when i was half way watching HANNAH MONTANAH in pavilion with joo, andrea and shannie..
and and and!!
the movie was like, about 6 hours after i've finished my exam..
the feeling is just like...i donno.. FREE!!!!!
no worries at all..
lately, even though when i go for my entertainment and movie, i never got to concentrate and enjoy it because i'd just randomly start thinking about exam..
but just now, in the cinema, i was laughing like no one's business, shouting, OMG-ed, and was just screaming because MY EXAM HAS ALREADY ENDED...
really thankful for having you all for the day..
seriously..(if i continue, i'll starting crying in starbucks!)
the shopping, the OMG-ing in the middle of pavillion, the 'swimming' in sg wang (you know what i mean la joo)...
oh ya oh ya...
the sniffing and coughing when standing next to the japanese..
was really really really enjoyable la...
donno when will our next session of all these be...
it seems like we'll be going our separate way soon..
andrea, joo, shannie, myself, all for studies and all different places...
college life is now something in the past, and all the fun i had is just my memory...
i trully miss you all la...
you girls, your class, gave me great memories and really made my day...
i miss you guys..
the movie was great...
girls, the guy is not that super cute la..
i miss my college life, i miss my daughters, i miss kl!!
oh ya,
my dear 2nd daughter, joo, its your birthday today..
Love ya..

Tuesday, June 9, 2009


My God..
what's with the weather la people...
i was sick last week, recovered for a few days, then walla, here comes the stupid thing..
my nose has been freaking blocked, cannot breath, and throat feeling as though its burning..
just finished my physics paper, and now, officially, 1 more subject remaining..
i just have to concentrate, full throttle, and take off...
the wind is just nice, no bulky or solid clouds...
i've been given the permission to take off by the ATC too..
here i am..
dreaming about flying..
how i wish i get to..
Air Asia, faster la reply me..
mail me and tell me when is my interview and all that and at least, give me a target or something like that..
watched the news yesterday and found out that the oil price might be going up AGAIN, so, it might also cause my flying cost to hike..
come on la...
why are all these happening to me??

Friday, June 5, 2009

want it back

what makes you think that i am fine?? haha.. i am not la.. by the way, 4 more papers to go, then walla, bubye A-level exam.. currently i am crazily looking for people who has a playstation.. just got to know that in the air asia 2nd stage interview, the psychomotor, they will need the candidates to play a flight game on play station, requiring us to take off, keep the nose tilted, land and all the lalalala stuff.. and guess what, although i may look like a normal teenage of my age, but i don really play game.. i am not really a gamer.. i've not really played a game, as in a real pc/play station/ wii or whatever game since i was like........ NEVER... omg... i so need to learn to play games.. i feel so.....stupid.. all i play is othello, sudoku and some random stuff.. i suddenly feel so nerdy.. hahaha... oh ya, i lost my calculator 2 days ago, and i lost RM 5 this morning.. i remember having it in my hands, then when i went to pay for my food, then it just hilang.. i donno, maybe that japanese guy from hero came and took my 5 bucks away.. O.O

btw jun kiat, kelvin, michelle, joo, myself, and those who are sick,


i need this...

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

movie day

guess what people..
i had all these, in 1 movie...
Terminator Salvation..
it was supposed to be like some hot movie in town and everyone should be like super duper eager to watch it...
but then, i was surrounded by such idiots/ fools/ brainless morons cum as*h*les....
you know, there was this part where Connor was waiting for Marcus to send him some signal...guess what, that moron beside me just kept YEKKY YEK YEK YEKKY YEK and even i SHUHHSS him, he still OI, TENGOK , CEPAT, and some other stuff la...
i was so distracted that instead of listening to the movie and conversation, i was listening to that idiot..
its like, come on la people..
you are not that stupid to go to watch a movie and potong other people's steam la..
if you wanna talk so badly, just go buy the movie in any shop (if you can afford la) and talk throughout the movie at home...
if after talking for 2 hours straight non-stop and you still want to talk even though the movie finish d, go and re-play the dvd!!!
really potong steam i tell u!
anyway, on a happier note,
the date for the Air Asia tour cum interview cum test has been set on the 21st & 22nd or 27th & 28th this month..
its like FINALLY!!!!

Click, CLick, CLIck, cliCK

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more shopping!

what a day la... checked out from hostel and moved out last friday.. whew.. it was crazy la.. i still remember the time when i move down from penang to kl, i only came with a car of stuff which includes pails, mop, broom, clothes, socks, underwear, swim trunk and *you know what* etc... but when the time comes for me to move out from that horrible/nasty/disgusting dorm, i have to had my parents drive down all the way from penang with an empty car, and make them drive back home in penang with a car with at least 0.1 tonne / 100 kg or so la.. i've done so much shopping, clothing, and somehow had my side of the room so occupied that my parents couldn't stuff all those back into the car back to penang.. so, last friday, when i officially tinggalkan the place, i had to have Kelvin come over to my place with his empty car (City as well), and i fully loaded his car with my pillow, bolster and all the kili-kala stuff la.. so, i came down with a car full of stuff, and will be going back penang with double the loads.. too bad that i am unable to upload those pics here.. if not u guys would be like O.O haha... anyway, i just lost my calculator this morning... not exactly lost la, but left it in some taxi.. i heard something fell but i thought it was just the old car making noise..)you know, the cab in Malaysia is of PROTON with 0 maintainance) =.= so need to go for a shopping now.. need to grab a new calculator.. and oh ya.. this friday i'll be going to watch some free screening of a movie titled 'HOME' in conjunction with Nature's day or something like that in either Pavillion or 1U... :D