Tuesday, June 9, 2009


My God..
what's with the weather la people...
i was sick last week, recovered for a few days, then walla, here comes the stupid thing..
my nose has been freaking blocked, cannot breath, and throat feeling as though its burning..
just finished my physics paper, and now, officially, 1 more subject remaining..
i just have to concentrate, full throttle, and take off...
the wind is just nice, no bulky or solid clouds...
i've been given the permission to take off by the ATC too..
here i am..
dreaming about flying..
how i wish i get to..
Air Asia, faster la reply me..
mail me and tell me when is my interview and all that and at least, give me a target or something like that..
watched the news yesterday and found out that the oil price might be going up AGAIN, so, it might also cause my flying cost to hike..
come on la...
why are all these happening to me??

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KhaO-LAr-sEXy-PRESS said...

ur blood is thick n veins constricted. did u passed big motion? if not take 2 slices papayas. if yes, u can take some slight alcohol like shandy or beer to push ur blood circulation. get well soon. for prevention, take gud quality honey.