Wednesday, June 3, 2009

more shopping!

what a day la... checked out from hostel and moved out last friday.. whew.. it was crazy la.. i still remember the time when i move down from penang to kl, i only came with a car of stuff which includes pails, mop, broom, clothes, socks, underwear, swim trunk and *you know what* etc... but when the time comes for me to move out from that horrible/nasty/disgusting dorm, i have to had my parents drive down all the way from penang with an empty car, and make them drive back home in penang with a car with at least 0.1 tonne / 100 kg or so la.. i've done so much shopping, clothing, and somehow had my side of the room so occupied that my parents couldn't stuff all those back into the car back to penang.. so, last friday, when i officially tinggalkan the place, i had to have Kelvin come over to my place with his empty car (City as well), and i fully loaded his car with my pillow, bolster and all the kili-kala stuff la.. so, i came down with a car full of stuff, and will be going back penang with double the loads.. too bad that i am unable to upload those pics here.. if not u guys would be like O.O haha... anyway, i just lost my calculator this morning... not exactly lost la, but left it in some taxi.. i heard something fell but i thought it was just the old car making noise..)you know, the cab in Malaysia is of PROTON with 0 maintainance) =.= so need to go for a shopping now.. need to grab a new calculator.. and oh ya.. this friday i'll be going to watch some free screening of a movie titled 'HOME' in conjunction with Nature's day or something like that in either Pavillion or 1U... :D

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KhaO-LAr-sEXy-PRESS said...

ur fren is very nice. neeed to buy him lunch lar. hehe... wishing u the best back in penang :)