Friday, June 5, 2009

want it back

what makes you think that i am fine?? haha.. i am not la.. by the way, 4 more papers to go, then walla, bubye A-level exam.. currently i am crazily looking for people who has a playstation.. just got to know that in the air asia 2nd stage interview, the psychomotor, they will need the candidates to play a flight game on play station, requiring us to take off, keep the nose tilted, land and all the lalalala stuff.. and guess what, although i may look like a normal teenage of my age, but i don really play game.. i am not really a gamer.. i've not really played a game, as in a real pc/play station/ wii or whatever game since i was like........ NEVER... omg... i so need to learn to play games.. i feel so.....stupid.. all i play is othello, sudoku and some random stuff.. i suddenly feel so nerdy.. hahaha... oh ya, i lost my calculator 2 days ago, and i lost RM 5 this morning.. i remember having it in my hands, then when i went to pay for my food, then it just hilang.. i donno, maybe that japanese guy from hero came and took my 5 bucks away.. O.O

btw jun kiat, kelvin, michelle, joo, myself, and those who are sick,


i need this...

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KhaO-LAr-sEXy-PRESS said...

u like play wat type of games? strategy? rpg? shooting? simulation? action? adventure? ...

oh didnt know ur having exams. wish u all the best! get well soon too!