Wednesday, July 29, 2009

sorry to you

I have no idea from where to start blogging and where to start to voice out how i feel and what i've been thinking for the past few days... I've been losing quite a number of great friends, and people whom i care and i love... i tend to neglect those who i love when they are around and i took them for late grandpa was one of them...when he was around, i was just there to say hi and didn't show my concern towards him... not till the day when i saw him lying there, liveless and motionless... only then that i found out that i've wasted my time, and disappointed him.. and then, lately when i've reunited with my good friend, someone in kl whom i care share my secret with and to hang out with, i took him for granted again.. he was there for me when i needed someone to talk to and someone to share my feelings with, but i failed to be there for him when he was in trouble and in doubt.. i found myself to be a great failure in becoming a filial son, a good family members, and definitely nowhere close in becoming a great friend to someone.. NLSW, i know that you've read my blog yesterday night...honestly, i have not regretted about blogging all those and criticizing you.. i've only regretted not letting you know and read it on the spot, but only yesterday, when i've really taken you as one my friend, and someone who has really got to know me for a long period....No one is perfect and definitely you are not one of the perfect ones..however, when i blogged and criticises you that day, i only looked at you from the negative point of view...i looked at your negative side and has already forgotten the good side of you... i apologize for being such a friend, and definitely, silly enough of not being honest to you when i blog about you and not telling you about it... i am sorry.. I am not a good friend and nowhere close in becoming one, but i promise myself that i will try my best to learn and to be a friend, the someone whom you would think of when you are in trouble and in need of someone to talk to and share your feelings with... you guys might not be able to read this as the hatred that i've caused has already gotten all over you, but i would sincerely apologise... I love you guys and definitely, appreciate all the things that you guys has done for me and the time you've spent with me...

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

You who has always be there for me

It sucks to know that you are losing someone you trust and whom you've trusted very much..Its not that he has done anything wrong or what so ever, but its yourself whom has causes it to happen…its painful to know that when you've realised the amount of harm done, and its already too late to apologize and want him to forgive you... I am sorry that i made you felt used like a tool and betrayed like an enemy...but i have never ever wanted or intended to do that to you and cause that much harm to you.. You're someone whom i've trusted with my secret, someone who would share my feelings with and someone who i would thought of when i want to go hang out... although you're not my lover, but you are someone i love and care about..i care about you as my friend, and you are like a limb of may not be visible or even take noticed by me, but without you, i would be so different and stuck.. I just want to apologise to you for all that i have done and again, I really appreciated everything that you've done for me..You've been a great friend of mine since the day i knew you, and will always be... I am sorry... you were a great friend, and will always be..

Wednesday, July 22, 2009


i am bossy and i enjoy seeing things done my way, the way i want it.. went back to penang last week on friday and then returned the following sunday.. although its so called 3 days trip back home la, but it end up being in penang less than 48 hours.. so it is actually less than 2 days... then had quite a nice trip back to kl with daniel's Bro (Eric, THANKS!), then had dinner with my God bro in Tropicana Mall.. it was ok la.. had sushi and a very very very long conversation.. was taught precious lessons in life and really appreciate that things kind of work out after that.. there are still minor bumps every now and then but its still ok i think... now am blogging in the office while waiting for the rest of my colleague to finish up their stuff to go home... btw, today's theme for the office is Formally black.. i think that friday should be a little hip-hop-ish... any idea what should we do in the office to just spice up the day a little?? leave me a comment..

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


i just so hate it when someone stares when you are just special or something which is unusual.. well, everyone knows that the H1N1 is spreading globally and everyone is taking the highest precaution to prevent it.. well, kelvin just came back from Philippine 2 days ago and i met him yesterday night.. and guess what.. today, when i come back to the office to work, i have to wear the face mask till this friday when i go back to penang.. well, i am not really blaming them for having me to do so but i just feel a little weird and very uncomfortable having something wrapped around your face.. hard to breath la man.. anyway people, i'll be back home, in penang this friday.. my bus departs from kl at 2130 and most probably will be reaching penang by 0130.. so, those who wants to date me out, start mailing or sms-ing me ya.. let me know.. btw, i'll be back for a few days only.. i'll be then coming back to kl, for work of course, on sunday afternoon... i am already pre-booked for nelson for supper that very night i arrive in penang.. and, sunday is for my grandma.. hehe.. my sat is still currently available, not including dinner and MAYBE baking in the afternoon... my colleague here has already even placed their order to get me to buy stuff for them.. anything for you guys?? text me and let me know... (taxes are to be included and paid during delivery!)

Friday, July 3, 2009

again, as usual

well... things has been done and said.. although that we've already so called made a 'promise' to each other and have the "agreement" done between us, definitely, things will never be the same.. i find it rather funny to know that things are so different but only me, and myself still living in the past, the memories... i feel so old, so stupid..