Wednesday, July 22, 2009


i am bossy and i enjoy seeing things done my way, the way i want it.. went back to penang last week on friday and then returned the following sunday.. although its so called 3 days trip back home la, but it end up being in penang less than 48 hours.. so it is actually less than 2 days... then had quite a nice trip back to kl with daniel's Bro (Eric, THANKS!), then had dinner with my God bro in Tropicana Mall.. it was ok la.. had sushi and a very very very long conversation.. was taught precious lessons in life and really appreciate that things kind of work out after that.. there are still minor bumps every now and then but its still ok i think... now am blogging in the office while waiting for the rest of my colleague to finish up their stuff to go home... btw, today's theme for the office is Formally black.. i think that friday should be a little hip-hop-ish... any idea what should we do in the office to just spice up the day a little?? leave me a comment..


Takashi said...

err.. talk rubbish?
like real rubbish, and like amitabh bachan moment kinda rubbish.

Ign@tius said...

haha...yea..we do that once inawhile but we cant for the whole next week because our boss is coming back next week... *sigh*