Tuesday, July 14, 2009


i just so hate it when someone stares when you are just special or something which is unusual.. well, everyone knows that the H1N1 is spreading globally and everyone is taking the highest precaution to prevent it.. well, kelvin just came back from Philippine 2 days ago and i met him yesterday night.. and guess what.. today, when i come back to the office to work, i have to wear the face mask till this friday when i go back to penang.. well, i am not really blaming them for having me to do so but i just feel a little weird and very uncomfortable having something wrapped around your face.. hard to breath la man.. anyway people, i'll be back home, in penang this friday.. my bus departs from kl at 2130 and most probably will be reaching penang by 0130.. so, those who wants to date me out, start mailing or sms-ing me ya.. let me know.. btw, i'll be back for a few days only.. i'll be then coming back to kl, for work of course, on sunday afternoon... i am already pre-booked for nelson for supper that very night i arrive in penang.. and, sunday is for my grandma.. hehe.. my sat is still currently available, not including dinner and MAYBE baking in the afternoon... my colleague here has already even placed their order to get me to buy stuff for them.. anything for you guys?? text me and let me know... (taxes are to be included and paid during delivery!)

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