Tuesday, July 28, 2009

You who has always be there for me

It sucks to know that you are losing someone you trust and whom you've trusted very much..Its not that he has done anything wrong or what so ever, but its yourself whom has causes it to happen…its painful to know that when you've realised the amount of harm done, and its already too late to apologize and want him to forgive you... I am sorry that i made you felt used like a tool and betrayed like an enemy...but i have never ever wanted or intended to do that to you and cause that much harm to you.. You're someone whom i've trusted with my secret, someone who would share my feelings with and someone who i would thought of when i want to go hang out... although you're not my lover, but you are someone i love and care about..i care about you as my friend, and you are like a limb of mine..you may not be visible or even take noticed by me, but without you, i would be so different and stuck.. I just want to apologise to you for all that i have done and again, I really appreciated everything that you've done for me..You've been a great friend of mine since the day i knew you, and will always be... I am sorry... you were a great friend, and will always be..

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