Friday, August 7, 2009


I feel so lost and far away from my friends in a sudden.. I just found out that Andrea is already in Uni, and Mich and the AJs went for a steamboat gathering (dang!), and a joo's blog tak ada bisness.... well, whatever it is, its not the point la.. the important thing is that i really miss the time we had.. we're (maybe its only me) doing our own things and no longer spending as much time we had months ago.. i want friends to come... being a full time worker is a bad thing.. it somehow tear your friendship apart, and makes you tired.. i barely chat with all my crazy gang anymore and i am rather sad about it.. months from now, when i've got myself into APFT, things will be worst... i will not only be mentally apart from them, but physically as well.. i miss you guys... and and and and and... WAH YEW!!!! i wonder how are you lately... it has been so so so so long since i've heard from you!

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