Thursday, August 20, 2009


guess what...
am still working now although it already 9...
(F*#k!!!) well, i don use vulgar words that should know that...
for my dear readers (friends only la!), my interview last sun was ok ok la..
not that great but did screw up a lil...
what to do..i don play game ok..
its not like some @*&%^ that had some cables and connection and whatsoever it is and was able to score 100/100 for all the 6 freaking trials..
today is andrea's and william's birthday..
happy birthday my dear daughter!!!
wait till i have time to really update my blog and talk about my life, then only i will write what happened lately..
btw, i had an arguement with someone yesterday midnight..(great!)
wear mask when you go out ppl!!

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