Thursday, August 27, 2009

W1$h L1$t

HOW I WISH : - I can be a pilot - I am hot (body!) - I am taller and slimmer - I studied harder for my Air Asia interview last year - I did not consume those carbs last year after cheerleading - I can organise a gathering with my college-mates - I can sleep the whole day through and still have money to spend - I can eat and not get fat (crazy fats!) - I did not say those ugly words to my friend - I can get a better phone - I have my own aircraft (and I'm the pilot of course!) - I hit the lottery (although I've never bought any before) - I did not scare kids away (i did) - I call up my late grandpa when he was still around - I am smart - I am sexy - I can pilot a helicopter - I get to fly everyday - I am still in secondary schools - I did not break her heart - I held you tighter when you were in my arms - I did not screw up my exam - I know how to swim well enough - I learnt piano when I was a kid - I did not quit the band - I did told some b*tch about some secret of mine (damn it) - I can return to school and secondary school and have all the fun again - more to be stated - all my wish will be true

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