Friday, September 25, 2009


guess what am i up to lately?? voting for myself in some karaoke singing held by neway every 2 hours.. well, its not only myself, but basically my whole company has been doing it including my boss and lady boss.. well, its actually a video taken in the karaoke room when we sang and i was there doing some stupid stuff.. we just took part just for the fun of it, and we might manage to win at least the 5th prize.. (who knows!!) anyway, if you're rather free and bored, do visit the video at the link provided below and enjoy the song as well as me acting *wink* btw, you can vote for us every 2 hours.. and at the same time, you can use both mozilla and internet explorer to vote... thank you!!! thanks guys!!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

E for Mathematics!

how do you feel when you wanted your gf/bf to accompany you to somewhere but she/he just rejects you because he/she said that he/she don have money??

what is it so hard just for you to accompany me back to Penang??
my God... i asked you to just follow me back to penang whenever i will be going back and you told me that you don't have enough money so dont want to follow.. fine.. i accept your reason of not wanting to follow, but then the next day, you come telling me that you want to go down to Singapore just to attend your friend's wedding... its like WTF!! 
you told me that you just need to pay for the bus fees and thats all.. eh, you think i am stupid or what??! you have to give red packet one la... lets do a little bit of calculation... RM 50 (plus minus) for a single trip x 2 = RM100, red packets RM 100, and your makan or whatsoever kili kala spending RM 100, you will spend RM300 in total!!

eh, can you do some calculation or not?? you follow me back to penang, you don have to pay for the transportation fees as my uncle will fetch us both as he will be going back as well... lets say that you don want to follow, the bus ticket will only RM 70 for 2 ways.. then you can stay at my place and all that..

i tell you, I AM FREAKING PISSED NOW... i rather not argue with you...

just do your little mathematics, or if you don't know how, use a calculator before you tell me you don have money to follow me back to penang..

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Blogging in The Curve

i am onlining in Cathay Cineplex in The Curve using the PC provided by the cinema... wohooo!!! read my blog tomorrow... just reached kl not too long ago... going to start working tomorrow...tata

Monday, September 21, 2009

Unproductive day

it sucks waking up freaking late and wasn't able to do anything...
i was having my good sleep till i receive a call from Kelvin at 12 something... i was like WTFH as i was supposed to be in Queensbay at 12.30 for a meet up with my friends.. not too long after, mom came back with food and then i quickly prepared myself to go out... she brought back some box containing some chinese food in it... it was a gift (my mom gave RM100.00 red packet for it!) from my cousin as his baby has reached 1 month old..

the most ridiculous food ever......RM100!!

anyway....reached qb at 2 or so and went straight to Borders to search for my favourite novel, PS I LOVE YOU and surprisingly, it was there, being isolated at the corner of the shelve all by itself...

then i took the unwrapped book and ran towards the chair and right away, started reading it... trust me, the book is a must read.. i didnt manage to read the whole thing there as my friend wanted to have a walk around the mall... the book is rather expensive i would say.. RM 31.90 for a book and no discount.. most probably i'll get it next month once i've got my salary..

after hours of walking around the mall and doing nothing, i called up mom and got her to fetch me back (i haven't go my driving licence yet, HAPPY??) she was baking some buns as an offering to my late grandpa tomorrow as its his birthday..

anyway, i am bored!!!
i so wanna go out but have no idea where to and with who...

i'll be returning to KL tomorrow afternoon with my aunt and we might be stopping by Bukit Tambun for seafood.. i'm so gonna put on more weight..

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Penang , I love you II

after making the mooncakes and all that, mom and myself proceeded to my grandma's (maternal) house for dinner... she prepared fried noodles and trust me, although it may not look like anything served in the restaurant, its one of the best i've ever had... thanks to my lovely grandma, i failed to stay put with my weight losing programme, and i ended up with 2 plates of her noodles..  (thanks grandma and i love you!!)

after the dinner, something caught my eyes... something which is very familiar to me... i used to see that everyday when i was a child living with my grandparents..  its hard and long which will make all boys go WAO when we come in contact with it.. it has been there for quite awhile, lying there by itself till i found it and trust me, we shared great memories together..
yes... it was the sugar cane...

anyway, this morning i went to the market in Air Itam (or AYER HITAM i donno) with grandma and mom and surprisingly, the crowd today was somehow lesser as today it is the raya for our muslim counterpart.. took a few pictures of the market and somehow feel very homey as everyone there speaks the same dialect as myself... i've waited so long to just hear all the noise and people shouting and yelling in hokkian.. i've actually started visiting the wet market since i was young with my maternal grandma and my late grandpa to get the groceries for the family.. those were the days where myself and my grandparents would take a bus all the way from their place to the markets..

after getting all the fishes, veges, meat and yada yada yada stuff, we went to a shop which only sells the WAN TAN MEE.. according to my grandma, it has been there for more than 20 years and the noodles still taste as good as before... the place was actually an old house at a road side where the crowd would comes in continuous starting 7 in the morning till early noon before it finishes..

moving on, after my breakfast at 10.00 in the morning with my maternal grandma, we left home and then got ourselves prepared for the birthday celebration for my paternal grandparents in some restaurant downtown.. it was like an 8 course typical chinese meal... all my aunts, uncles, cousins, nieces and nephews came back just for this celebration which in total consist of 3 tables... we reaches at 12.45pm and the food started to serve at 1.30 or so..
first, some chinese buns made in the shape of peaches were served to us as it is a necessity for chinese to celebrate birthdays.. its somehow like cakes for us youngters, minus the candles of course..

but i donno, maybe due to the western influence, my grandparents have to cut open the huge bun in the middle and guess what was in it???? MINI BUNS!!!
well, my hungry relatives ate part of it, and this was what remains..

now then only the main course was served....

fish cakes, slices of duck meat, dumplings, something i didnt take, and the middle was some mushroom vegetable thingy (from bottom left going counter clockwise)..


typical chinese 2nd dish la.. shark fin soup which i totally dislike so i didnt even take a single drop of it (i am against consuming shark fins ok!)


roasted and fried chicken with sour mango salad.. well, i forgot to take picture, so there.. this is all left after i makan..


fried fish fillet and fish cooked with donno what vegetable.. (I LIKE THIS THE MOST)


fried prawn with fruit salad.. although i'm allergic to prawn, somehow i took 2 of it and was craving for more but my mom disallow me from taking it.. hopefully i wont be admitted into the hospital due to the prawns...


pork leg cooked in thick gravy with mushroom.. well, due to the muslim readers, i am putting this cute picture as a compensation..


chang sou mien (which means 'long life noodles') aka lam mee, which is actually noodles cooked in chicken soup with eggs, shrimp, and donno what..

8TH DISH aka desert (finally!)

tan yuan aka glutinous rice ball cooked in blended red bean soup.. the glutinous rice ball symbolises a united family as it is round...

after the long makan, the birthday song were sang and the birthday cake (SECRET RECIPE!!!! *drools* ) was cut and... and... and......

RED PACKETS WERE GIVEN... each and everyone of us received 2 packet as it is like a blessing from the elderly (in this case, my grandparents) and as a token of appreciation!!
 (i received RM XX.XX in total)

well, the rest were only photography session....
my grandparents (paternal) with their 5 childrens

grandparents with their childrens and their spouses.

grandparents and my family members...

well, it has been a long day for me and of course, a long post here... HAPPY 80TH BIRTHDAY GRANDPA & GRANDMA!!!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Penang I love


although i'm a chinese, SELAMAT HARI RAYA to all readers!!

thanks to the kind Malaysian goverment, i've got a few days off from work and walla, here i am back in penang.. i started my journey back to my hometown in penang yesterday afternoon with Veron and ah D... the journey was the usual long and boring, with addition of heavy rain and traffic jam almost throughout the journey..

i only manage to arrive in penang in the evening around 8 something... mom and dad then decided to go visited my cousin's baby, and trust me, he is damn damn damn cute!!! he's like less than a month old and he has long fingers.. i didnt dare to snap pics cause i donno la, some chinese believe that babies should not take pictures as its bad or whatsoever... so, as a replacement, i am dedicating this cute pic for him..

after the visit, we went to Perak Road in Penang for my superbly late dinner.. when we were there, some people were having some ceremony thingy in the middle of the road, while raining.. they were throwing this paper thing as an offer to the other world as yesterday was the last day of the hungry ghost festival.. trust me, it was crazy and fun as lots of people were there throwing those paper thing while it was raining..

then in the middle of the night, tony called and we were on the phone for hours and well, it has been really really long since we had a good long chat since 2006.... i only then manage to sleep at 4 in the morning.. i was actually supposed to folloy my mom to the market early in the morning to buy the stuff needed to make mooncakes and for breakfast...but due to my laziness tiredness, mom ended up going to the market alone.. SORRY MOM...

in the end, i woke up in the early afternoon, went to makan porridge mom prepared and then started making mooncakes.. it was really fun as it has been months since i had a long and random conversation with mom.. had a few jokes with her and then discussed a little family stuff.. after 2 hours of mixing, moulding and yada yada yada, we managed to come up with 30 mooncakes which consist of 8 big ones, and 22 small ones.. i've already got them packed and kept in the fridge ready to be transported back to kl for kelvin and a few people.. btw, those mooncakes are tasty!!

nice right??? place your order now if you want to makan.. i'll try my best to get more ingredients to make.. well, terms and conditions apply, and all that is only if i am free.. haha!

Thursday, September 17, 2009


it sucks to be labelled that..

well, i do have to admit that i am a little talkative once inawhile but all i wanted to do was just to brighten up the room.. usually in the office, people will just tend to keep quiet and do their work and 2 hours later, people will start yawning and spreading that disease..

its not that i don't focus on my job or was trying to snake, but all i wanted to do was just to add a little spice into everyone's day.. I am not trying to grab attention or whatsoever as well... but guess what, in return, i got labelled as fan (annoying) and hyperactive... well, since that is what my colleague think of me, i'd rather keep quite for the rest of the year day (will at least try)....

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

a dedication to him whom i love

had a conversation through the messenger with my sister and she told me that she saw a patient of her who looked exactly like our late grandpa.. she was a malay lady, rather old and dehydrated and was on the IV fluid.. according to my sis, she (the malay patient) had the same feature and eyes and behave somehow like our late grandpa... I donno... somehow reality just struck me and again, i only understood that my grandpa has already left us for almost a year... i can still re-call how it was like on that saturday morning when i receive the phone call from my mom and sister delivering the news, the news that has really got me shocked...
it was only 8 something in the morning but my phone kept ringing... when i picked up, i was told that grandpa is currently in the ICU and in a serious condition.. I was totally unprepared and never expected to receive such news... my late grandpa was in his 70s when he passed away... he was a rather healthy man with a great eye sight and has never got any serious illnesses other that the TB he had about 10 years back... it was just a sudden heart attack from nowhere that bring tears into my eyes and brought him away from us forever..

it was a painful reality that my family and myself have to face... he's gone forever and what is left for us is just the memory of him living with us... Grandpa.. i miss you very much...

Friday, September 11, 2009


i've got this issue bothering me since i was young.. i tend to have a horrible temper and worst to add on, a bad anger management... whenever i got super irritated by something or someone, i will tend to get angry easily and when it has come to the level which it is beyond control, i would just KABOOM and whoever or whatever it is that irritated and annoys me will get it teruk teruk (horribly)...

i donno whether it is myself or is it the genes but i've never ever succeeded in controlling my temper when things has gone beyond control..i would just do things that myself couldnt even imagine and no one can stop me from doing it... its not that i go around realeasing anger and killing everyone or kicking whatever i see, but its like i'll just take action according to my instinct...

and guess what, something has just happened and my baboon anger took over me..

Thursday, September 10, 2009

b@@k of wisdom

I have no idea what is wrong with me lately and what has actually got my interest but I've starting to enjoy reading.. NOPE...not the BIO, PHY thingy read but novels and blog... It has somehow became my habit to enter the office early in the morning, turn on my msn, check mail, then start checking out people's blog... well, there's one blogger, Willy, who has actually wrote alot on his life and he really take blogging as a diary... He just pen down type whatever he is doing or had done throughout the day and never fails to keep his reader updated... I personally take his blog as a novel which he himself is the main character playing the roles and doing things in the real life... somehow my imagination tend to work this time and i could imagine how his office, his lover and his house looks like...  willy if you're reading this, i look up on you on your straight-forwardness and bitchy-ness the way you handle all the ups and down in your life... (NO I DON'T LOVE YOU BUT I JUST FIND YOU TO BE VERY INSPIRING!)

other than that, I've also starting to like a book, PS I LOVE YOU by some author i have no idea who he or she is...
i actually got to know about that book about a year ago when I overhead the conversation between Andrea and my then GP lecturer, Ms something (I cant recall) about the movie and the book which was actually better.. well, at then, i was not a nerd boy who enjoys reading so i just ignored... but till the begining of this year when i visited Tropicana Mall with Kel at the Borders, I saw the book and i started reading it.. somehow i just continue flipping and reading and reading and i was just so in love with the book... (so not me right?)
its something about some women staying alone after her husband or bf (i donno!) died and he left her with notes telling and reminding her to do things which she usually forgots... its just something very sweet i would say...
anyway, i've still not continued reading the book since that day and i am really looking forward to buy that book... believe it or not, I have never in my life finished a novel.. Not hari putar Harry Potter nor LOTR book...

kota bahru one d@y trip (II)

KOTA BAHRU its an ok place la.. all i can comment on that state is that its rather boring peaceful and people there are slow less stressful compared to bigger cities like KL and Penang.. I find it to be a good place to study and focus on what you're doing la.. its not like in big cities where you'll be able to go yum cha, check out hot chicks and hang out for movie... well, i'll call it a superbly peaceful state la.. but one thing i can say is that there are very little amount of chinese people there.. its not that i am racist ok.. but its somehow rather hard to find a proper chinese food stall or restaurants.. well, i guess i'll be having lots of nasi lemak and rendang there... its nothing bad la... but maybe i'll ask my grandma to prepare me some pork floss, pork meat, bak kut teh and all porky stuff for me to bring there when i start studying...hehe..

so.... sad place right?? even the airport was almost empty...

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

kota bahru one d@y trip

well.. as i've promised earlier...i'll upload pics taken from my kota bahru trip the other day..