Wednesday, September 23, 2009

E for Mathematics!

how do you feel when you wanted your gf/bf to accompany you to somewhere but she/he just rejects you because he/she said that he/she don have money??

what is it so hard just for you to accompany me back to Penang??
my God... i asked you to just follow me back to penang whenever i will be going back and you told me that you don't have enough money so dont want to follow.. fine.. i accept your reason of not wanting to follow, but then the next day, you come telling me that you want to go down to Singapore just to attend your friend's wedding... its like WTF!! 
you told me that you just need to pay for the bus fees and thats all.. eh, you think i am stupid or what??! you have to give red packet one la... lets do a little bit of calculation... RM 50 (plus minus) for a single trip x 2 = RM100, red packets RM 100, and your makan or whatsoever kili kala spending RM 100, you will spend RM300 in total!!

eh, can you do some calculation or not?? you follow me back to penang, you don have to pay for the transportation fees as my uncle will fetch us both as he will be going back as well... lets say that you don want to follow, the bus ticket will only RM 70 for 2 ways.. then you can stay at my place and all that..

i tell you, I AM FREAKING PISSED NOW... i rather not argue with you...

just do your little mathematics, or if you don't know how, use a calculator before you tell me you don have money to follow me back to penang..

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