Thursday, September 3, 2009

fun at work NOT!

remember when you were still a kid and wanted to grow up like immediately and start working and drive a car and just work your ass out and dont have to listen to teachers and your parents asking you to take your greens, finish your homework, do your homework, do your revision and go to bed???
guess what kids, WORKING IS NOT FUN AT ALL!!

its true that you dont get homework and asssignment when you work, but you'll get tonnes and tonnes of projects, paper work and also scolding by your boss...!
remember the time when you teacher scolds you because you didnt finish your homework, and you cry then the teacher just stop?? its true that your boss wouldnt scold you till you cry, but your boss will just freaking scold you and make you cry because he just simply issue you a warning letter or worst, YOU'RE FIRED!!

remember those time when your parents shout at you, eh boy!go sleep already...its already 10 and you have to wake up earlier tomorrow for class! ?
your parents wont tell you to go to bed when you're working, but they'll only ask you to work harder and go ahead with the OT till late at night even though you're tired and wants to rest... (and you'll not be getting allowance from your parents anymore!)

trust me...working is not as fun as you thought it've got target to've got office politics friends and you'll have to smile at them at all times... you'll be having superiors who just fucks advice you to work harder and pay attention when you're'll be getting bitchings meetings with your colleagues when issue arrises, and people will start blaming sharing with you how arrogants experienced they are... fun right working???


btw, i just broke my colleague's staple...
great huh?!

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