Thursday, September 17, 2009


it sucks to be labelled that..

well, i do have to admit that i am a little talkative once inawhile but all i wanted to do was just to brighten up the room.. usually in the office, people will just tend to keep quiet and do their work and 2 hours later, people will start yawning and spreading that disease..

its not that i don't focus on my job or was trying to snake, but all i wanted to do was just to add a little spice into everyone's day.. I am not trying to grab attention or whatsoever as well... but guess what, in return, i got labelled as fan (annoying) and hyperactive... well, since that is what my colleague think of me, i'd rather keep quite for the rest of the year day (will at least try)....


Miruku said... not take it serious about what ppl said! Just that you have to do it at the right time and not when people is busy on work. At least..I don't feel u are fan or noisy..And its fun also haha

†<ק×ë×Ã×n×>†® said...

awh...try dont take things too personally..?
maybe you're bugging them at the busy time? do that during break time sure not a probz...
a lil chat during working time is not a major problem, but consistent talking will interrupt people's attention..