Thursday, September 10, 2009

kota bahru one d@y trip (II)

KOTA BAHRU its an ok place la.. all i can comment on that state is that its rather boring peaceful and people there are slow less stressful compared to bigger cities like KL and Penang.. I find it to be a good place to study and focus on what you're doing la.. its not like in big cities where you'll be able to go yum cha, check out hot chicks and hang out for movie... well, i'll call it a superbly peaceful state la.. but one thing i can say is that there are very little amount of chinese people there.. its not that i am racist ok.. but its somehow rather hard to find a proper chinese food stall or restaurants.. well, i guess i'll be having lots of nasi lemak and rendang there... its nothing bad la... but maybe i'll ask my grandma to prepare me some pork floss, pork meat, bak kut teh and all porky stuff for me to bring there when i start studying...hehe..

so.... sad place right?? even the airport was almost empty...


Anonymous said...

FYI, Kota Bharu Airport is the busiest airport in the East Coast. Catering to around 20 flights per day between KB - KL and also Penang. It seemed that u were there at the wrong time thus few people around. Try get a ticket during school holidays or weekends, u need to be really lucky enough to get one if u didnt get it much much earlier !

Read :

Quote :
" He said ministry studies showed that the airport was the busiest in the east coast and recorded the highest number of passengers. "

Oh yes, Nasi Lemak and Rendang are typically West Coast. Those stuff are uncommon in Kelantan. U should expect Tom Yam and many stuff unique to the State. From Ayam Percik to countless spread of Kerabu ( local Salads ) ..

Mind u, many local Chinese prefer the local Malay specialities over their own ! Oh, and they are fluent Kelantanese speaker too.

Ign@tius said...

thanks for your info... well, maybe as u've said just now, i was there at the wrong time..haha.. but i doubt that there are flights from or to Penang... there's only from KL which is Subang/LCCT or KLIA... do correct me if i'm wrong.. thanks anyway..