Sunday, September 20, 2009

Penang , I love you II

after making the mooncakes and all that, mom and myself proceeded to my grandma's (maternal) house for dinner... she prepared fried noodles and trust me, although it may not look like anything served in the restaurant, its one of the best i've ever had... thanks to my lovely grandma, i failed to stay put with my weight losing programme, and i ended up with 2 plates of her noodles..  (thanks grandma and i love you!!)

after the dinner, something caught my eyes... something which is very familiar to me... i used to see that everyday when i was a child living with my grandparents..  its hard and long which will make all boys go WAO when we come in contact with it.. it has been there for quite awhile, lying there by itself till i found it and trust me, we shared great memories together..
yes... it was the sugar cane...

anyway, this morning i went to the market in Air Itam (or AYER HITAM i donno) with grandma and mom and surprisingly, the crowd today was somehow lesser as today it is the raya for our muslim counterpart.. took a few pictures of the market and somehow feel very homey as everyone there speaks the same dialect as myself... i've waited so long to just hear all the noise and people shouting and yelling in hokkian.. i've actually started visiting the wet market since i was young with my maternal grandma and my late grandpa to get the groceries for the family.. those were the days where myself and my grandparents would take a bus all the way from their place to the markets..

after getting all the fishes, veges, meat and yada yada yada stuff, we went to a shop which only sells the WAN TAN MEE.. according to my grandma, it has been there for more than 20 years and the noodles still taste as good as before... the place was actually an old house at a road side where the crowd would comes in continuous starting 7 in the morning till early noon before it finishes..

moving on, after my breakfast at 10.00 in the morning with my maternal grandma, we left home and then got ourselves prepared for the birthday celebration for my paternal grandparents in some restaurant downtown.. it was like an 8 course typical chinese meal... all my aunts, uncles, cousins, nieces and nephews came back just for this celebration which in total consist of 3 tables... we reaches at 12.45pm and the food started to serve at 1.30 or so..
first, some chinese buns made in the shape of peaches were served to us as it is a necessity for chinese to celebrate birthdays.. its somehow like cakes for us youngters, minus the candles of course..

but i donno, maybe due to the western influence, my grandparents have to cut open the huge bun in the middle and guess what was in it???? MINI BUNS!!!
well, my hungry relatives ate part of it, and this was what remains..

now then only the main course was served....

fish cakes, slices of duck meat, dumplings, something i didnt take, and the middle was some mushroom vegetable thingy (from bottom left going counter clockwise)..


typical chinese 2nd dish la.. shark fin soup which i totally dislike so i didnt even take a single drop of it (i am against consuming shark fins ok!)


roasted and fried chicken with sour mango salad.. well, i forgot to take picture, so there.. this is all left after i makan..


fried fish fillet and fish cooked with donno what vegetable.. (I LIKE THIS THE MOST)


fried prawn with fruit salad.. although i'm allergic to prawn, somehow i took 2 of it and was craving for more but my mom disallow me from taking it.. hopefully i wont be admitted into the hospital due to the prawns...


pork leg cooked in thick gravy with mushroom.. well, due to the muslim readers, i am putting this cute picture as a compensation..


chang sou mien (which means 'long life noodles') aka lam mee, which is actually noodles cooked in chicken soup with eggs, shrimp, and donno what..

8TH DISH aka desert (finally!)

tan yuan aka glutinous rice ball cooked in blended red bean soup.. the glutinous rice ball symbolises a united family as it is round...

after the long makan, the birthday song were sang and the birthday cake (SECRET RECIPE!!!! *drools* ) was cut and... and... and......

RED PACKETS WERE GIVEN... each and everyone of us received 2 packet as it is like a blessing from the elderly (in this case, my grandparents) and as a token of appreciation!!
 (i received RM XX.XX in total)

well, the rest were only photography session....
my grandparents (paternal) with their 5 childrens

grandparents with their childrens and their spouses.

grandparents and my family members...

well, it has been a long day for me and of course, a long post here... HAPPY 80TH BIRTHDAY GRANDPA & GRANDMA!!!

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