Saturday, September 19, 2009

Penang I love


although i'm a chinese, SELAMAT HARI RAYA to all readers!!

thanks to the kind Malaysian goverment, i've got a few days off from work and walla, here i am back in penang.. i started my journey back to my hometown in penang yesterday afternoon with Veron and ah D... the journey was the usual long and boring, with addition of heavy rain and traffic jam almost throughout the journey..

i only manage to arrive in penang in the evening around 8 something... mom and dad then decided to go visited my cousin's baby, and trust me, he is damn damn damn cute!!! he's like less than a month old and he has long fingers.. i didnt dare to snap pics cause i donno la, some chinese believe that babies should not take pictures as its bad or whatsoever... so, as a replacement, i am dedicating this cute pic for him..

after the visit, we went to Perak Road in Penang for my superbly late dinner.. when we were there, some people were having some ceremony thingy in the middle of the road, while raining.. they were throwing this paper thing as an offer to the other world as yesterday was the last day of the hungry ghost festival.. trust me, it was crazy and fun as lots of people were there throwing those paper thing while it was raining..

then in the middle of the night, tony called and we were on the phone for hours and well, it has been really really long since we had a good long chat since 2006.... i only then manage to sleep at 4 in the morning.. i was actually supposed to folloy my mom to the market early in the morning to buy the stuff needed to make mooncakes and for breakfast...but due to my laziness tiredness, mom ended up going to the market alone.. SORRY MOM...

in the end, i woke up in the early afternoon, went to makan porridge mom prepared and then started making mooncakes.. it was really fun as it has been months since i had a long and random conversation with mom.. had a few jokes with her and then discussed a little family stuff.. after 2 hours of mixing, moulding and yada yada yada, we managed to come up with 30 mooncakes which consist of 8 big ones, and 22 small ones.. i've already got them packed and kept in the fridge ready to be transported back to kl for kelvin and a few people.. btw, those mooncakes are tasty!!

nice right??? place your order now if you want to makan.. i'll try my best to get more ingredients to make.. well, terms and conditions apply, and all that is only if i am free.. haha!


Takashi said...

i wan tau sar peah!!!!!

Ign@tius said...

hahaha... you and tau sar peah.. seriously you want?? kalau mau i go beli..